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Thats mine now! :D

Hi guys! I decided to write an article for my favorite game ever, hope you'll enjoy reading it!

I bought this game in March 2005, and up to now, I completed it 13-14 times, I'm not exactly sure how many, because I stopped counting after my 10th playthrough :D  I really wasted about a thousand or more hours on this single game, and I think I'll waste a thousand more, and I don't regret it, cause this game is worth every second you play it! Why? Cause it's awesome in every single way... 

It can be a 3rd person shooter, a race car driving game, a flighting simulator, a gambling game, and more!! You can drive cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes, buses, trains, boats... Ride bikes... Filght planes, helicopters... You can even flight a jet-pack :) There are also many weapons... From a small 9mm pistol to a big rocket launcher, flamethrower and minigun :D You can beat bad (or good) guys with a baseball bats, stab them with knives, and ninja swords :D Tired of driving'n'killing? Find yourself at the Las Venturas strip and show everybody who's the lucky guy! :D There are also many RPG elements, like upgrating your driving skills, weapon skills... Getting buff by exercising in a gym... Buying clothes from various shops... Choosing your haircut... Customizing your cars...

Ok, I mentioned many features of the game, but they are only a cherry on the cake... But what's the cake?? It's the game's story and missions!!! Story is absolutely amazing!!! My favorite game story after Mass Effect games... Protagonist is an Afro-american guy called Carl Johnson who was born in Los Santos... He was a member of a gang called Grove Street. One day his brother Brian was killed, and he felt responsible for his death, so he left Los Santos and moved to Liberty City, so he could forget about what happened... After 5 years, his other brother, Sweet, called him to tell him that their mother was killed... So, he came back to Los Santos to attend his mother's funeral... He realised that he missed the gang life in Los Santos, so he said "Well, I'm back now, and I know what I've been missing!" But things won't go that smooth! Soon he will discover the dark truth about his mother's murder!!

Oh, yes, one more thing! This game has a beautiful open world with many different environments! It contains 3 big cities: Los Santos (GTA's Los Angeles), San Fierro (GTA's San Francisco) and Las Venturas (GTA's Las Vegas), there are also many small vilages, farms, and there is also one mountain, called Mount Chiliad. It's really a great world, I am sure you will like it!!! :D

What about graphics? This game was released in 2004, so it's graphics are much worse than the games nowdays, but it certanly won't affect your experience, because this game is perfect just the way it is!!!

Now to conclude my article... This is one game that everyone must play at least once!! :D So, now, stop reading, and get to PLAYING!!!!! :D


Written by Tom4LP

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