Its a mouse

Written by burningdagge on Fri, Sep 7, 2012 4:52 AM

What's really needed to be said about it, it is a mouse. It is a basic gamming mouse. It is not wireless so if you do get the mouse you will have to detangle the mouse cable. Certain models of the mouse come with adjustable weight cartridges so you can adjust the weight you want in the mouse itself. It gives a huge advantage because certain people like heavier mice for if they are sniping and need to be precise. A light mouse is good for CQC, but you can always increase mouse sensativity. An advantage is the look of the mouse, it is incredible. I find the look of the mouse very apealing. It is also optical. The nice thing about the mouse is that the key life is over 9000. It is 3 million to be precise. I would recommend buying this mouse because you can find it on the internet for like 5 bucks. It is a good buy.


  • Cable so fast transfer
  • Free with Cyberpower Pc
  • Great Look


  • Has a cable
  • Not wireless



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