Gran Turismo 5
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super graphics

It all started in 1998 , when the first gran turismo was invented and it was for the playstation 1 . It all started from there till today , 2012 when the gran turismo 5 is launched. There is so much differents between Gt 1 to Gt 5 . However ,  like a classic car with only part of it restored and other showing it actual age, gran turismo have the same problem .Developer Polyphony Digital's latest gran turismo showing a lot new stuff like cockpit view and long series but it also reuse a lot of old gran turismo features in gran turismo 5 .However , it is undoubt that gran turismo 5 is the best gran turismo ever made with its super graphics and realism , if you are a racing game fan , then you should play this game, just make sure you don't expect to smell a new car.

  The long loading of the game gives first bad impression to the player as well the unwieldy menus and bad choice of soundtrack just gives bad start off to the gran turismo 5 . And things still go bad as you are given only some bucks to buy your first car.The difference between premium and standard cars should have not been done , as premium cars has better texture and also cockpit view and standard cars doesn't have that as well as the cockpit view, Gt5 developers should have draw back all those cars and it would be have been better.Other then that, the game is very fun to play as it is simulated just like a real race car . It just makes your adreline running fast through your veins as you play the game just like a real racer . Gran turismo 5 also offer new features which are called special and seasonal event . In special events you can test and develop your skill with variety of challenge that are offered , the most eye-cathcing event is the red bull x1 prototype challenge by sebastian vettel . However in the seasonal event you can play all the events that are updated by the Developer of Polyphony Digital . This seasonal event gives you chance to make real money and build your skill to play in the game. Other than that , the open lobby features is great as it makes your work easier to go and play online . It has better online menu to be used by the players. 

  Out of everything the game still is one of my personal favourites game. With termendous graphic,gameplay and realism it has to be known as one of the best game . With overall new setup by the developers it can be a real new change to a simulation racing game .

A gtr and a fantastic background is just what a photographer needs