Prince of Persia: A new hope!

Written by uhraurhua on Tue, Sep 11, 2012 10:33 AM
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After the huge failure of Prince of Persia 3d John Mechner sold PoP to Ubisoft and started working with them on a new game called "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time".

Although at first people thought it will be a failure the new PoP was a huge success due to it's amazing acrobatics, time related powers and good graphics. Released in 2003, "Sands of Time" is considered by many fans the best game in the series and the best game ever of course.

The game's graphics were amazing in 2003 because it made the game look like it's a tale, an adventure that the gamer has to complete in order to become stronger. Prince of Persia 1 (by Ubisoft) had incredible game models and realistic animations that blended well with the prince's acrobatics. The gameplay was also incredibly good because of the acrobatics combined with combat. The most memorable acrobatic from Sands of Time is the ability to run on walls both vertically and horizontally giving the player freedom! The game was great but it had 1 becomes boring the more you play because it's repetitive, long, and in most parts annoying. You fight dozens of monsters and in the same time you have to protect Farrah, the most annoying video game character ether that shoots you in the back with arrows when you try to save her. Sands of Time could have become a masterpiece if it was less repetitive, maybe shorter and less annoying.

The story is about (yep you guessed it) the Prince of Persia and his quest of survival. In the year 617 BC king of persia (and your father) Sharaman conquers a city with the help of the local Maharajah's traitorous Vizier. During the battle the prince steals the Dagger of Time in order to impress his father. The Persians continue their journey to Azad with Maharajah's treasures and his beautiful (and annoying) daughter Farah. In Azad the Prince opens the Sands of Time with his dagger transforming everybody (including his own father) into sand monsters with the exception of 3 survivors: you (the prince), Farah and the Vizier that betrayed your father. Here you team up with the annoying princess to defeat the evil Vizier and to undo the damage done.

If you want to play this game then you need a lot of patience! The gameplay and graphics are cool but the game is too repetitive and boring after a while so be prepared.

Although the PoP: Sands of Time can be frustrating it is one of the best games ever that influenced the video game market!


  • Nice graphics
  • Cool acrobatics
  • Nice fighting moves


  • Repetitive
  • Too long
  • Farah!!!!!



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