Fallout: New Vegas
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Ill take you all down :D


Hi guys! Today I'm reviewing one of my favorite games, and my favorite RPG game, Fallout: New Vegas. This game is really huge, and it will take you about 100-150 hours to explore everything in the game, and probably 250 or more if you play all the addons as well!



Fallout games are set in the post-apocalyptic future... This one in particular is set in the year 2281... You are a courier hired by a company named "Mojave Express" to deliever a package to the New Vegas strip.. Although you can name the courier, his name doesn't mean that much, cause nobody in the game will ever mention it... You were intercepted by a man called Benny, who hired a bunch of Great Khans (One of the factions in the game) to help him... He took your package and shot you in the head... Miraculously, you were saved by a robot named Victor, who took you to the nearby town, Goodsprings, and local doctor, doc Mitchel patched you up, and after a week or so you woke up in his house... That's when you choose character's name, customize his appearance, and his main attributes (more of that in the "Features" section).. You soon start to look for Benny and follow him... 

Throughout the game, you will interact with different factions, and you can eighter help them, or destroy them... Basically, everything in this game is up to you! You choose will you be good or evil.. Will you talk out the conflicts or shoot everyone... :D And, in the final battle of the Hoover Dam, you choose will you help one of the 3 main factions in the game, or will you try to hold the dam for yourself. 

That's all I will reveal of the story, if you like it, play the game! :D



Gameplay is really similar to Fallout 3... In fact, they use the exact same engine. The biggest addition is probably that guns now have iron sights...

Fallout: New Vegas can be played both from the first person and the third person view, but it's mainly designed for the first person view, so it's much better if you play it that way :) It is basically an open world sandbox RPG game... It's an post-apocalyptic game, with a retro (1950's) theme. 



This game is really HUGE in every aspect... There are not only humans in the game, but more than 50 different creatures, most of them created when the atomic bombs fell, and radiation spread all over the earth... There are, I think, more than 100 different weapons in the game, most of them are found easily (can be bought or looted from the enemies), but there are also unique weapons, that can be found only in a particular cave, that are reward from a particular quest, or that a particular person carries! There are apparel items, such as simple clothing, armor, helmets, glasses, hats... Aid items are used for healing, or for boosting your attributes for a short period of time, but there are also skillbooks, that increase your skills permanently... There are also misc items, mainly used for crafting.

There are 7 main attributes that you choose in the beggining of the game:








You will get 5 points for each of them, as well as 5 more points you can distribute.. Although it doesn't have to be 5 for each of them, you can decrease them if you like... Later, there are only two ways to increase S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes - "Intense Training" perk, or the New Vegas Medical Clinic Implants...

There are 13 different skills in the game:


Energy Weapons





Melee Weapons







As you progress in the game, you will gain levels... Then you can increase one your skills... Each new level brings you 10+half of your intelligence points (If your intelligence is 5, then you will have 13 points), and if you get the "Educated" perk, 2 more points... By increasing your skills, you choose how you will develop your character... So it's really cool that everything in the game is in your hands :)

And every second level you will choose a single perk... Perks are a great additions to your character... There are many different perks that offer different improvements for your character... For example, the "Rapid Reload" perk increases your reload speed by 25% :)

And the game's map is huge :D There are more than 150 different locations, so get out there and explore! You never know what you might find in each of them :D

There is also a huge amount of quests, especially sidequests! By completing them you will get experience points, or fame by a faction that you took quest from, or some item, weapon...

You can also get a companion, to travel and fight alongside you... 

And if you are in trouble, you can launch the V.A.T.S. system, that allows you to pause the game, and choose which bodypart of which enemy you want to shoot/hit... There are action points that are used for this... The bigger weapon is, the more action points you will spend... Don't worry, they regenerate in a short period of time :) In fact, the V.A.T.S. system is probably the greatest feature in the game :D



Ok, I really gave my best to explain most of the features and gameplay of this game, sorry if you didn't understand something, but this is really a hard game to review :D

Fallout: New Vegas is really a great game, and if you like RPG games, you will sure like this one :D Although it's a little buggy, there are official patches that fix most of the bugs, so they won't affect your experience much :) So get out there and become the Mojave Wasteland KING!!! :D


Written by Tom4LP

First person gameplay :)