Mass Effect 3
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London being took over by the Reapers...


Hi guys! Here's my review of the Mass Effect series... I chose Mass Effect 3 cause it's my favorite game of the series :D

First things first, in my opinion, Mass Effect series have the best story of all games! It's completely mindblowing!! When I started to play the first game, I just couldn't stop playing ME series until I finished the third game! I almost cried when I finished it, and I haven't cried since I was a kid, lol :D



This is basically a RPG third person game... At the beginning of all 3 games, you get to customize your character... You can choose will he/she be male or female, and you choose the class of your character... There are 6 basic different classes:







It is preferable to create and customize the character only in ME1, and then import him into ME2, and ME3, cause in each game you will make choices that will bring you different consequences further in the series... 

This isn't actualy an open world game, although there are some sandbox locations... Actually, every level is a little sandboxy - There are numerous weapons, weapon upgrades and more stuff that you can find in each level :D

In every level you get to choose two people from your squad to accompany you... Every member of your team is a unique class, so choose your team wisely! You can command your team how you like - You can get them to different spots, get them to follow you, and use their powers manually (read below)...

When you are in combat, you can pause the game and select an enemy, and then select one of your powers to use against him... You can also use your squadmates powers how you like... Your powers can be used in realtime, if you hotkey them... It may sound complicated, but it's really easy and fun to use, and it's a big addition to the game..



And now, the highlight of the series - story :D

It all started in the year 2183, on a spaceship named Normandy... You are Commander Sheppard (Eighter male or female, his first name is never mentioned, although you can choose it).. You were sent to a mission, which was supposed to be a test - are you capable enough to become the first human Spectre (Spectres are special galactic agents, protectors of the galaxy)... But this turned out to be more than a test mission... You found a Prothean (Protheans are an organic race that dominated in the galaxy 50000 years ago) beacon, that contained visual information of the Protheans last years... They were wiped out by the Reapers - synthetic race that destroyes all organic races when they are at their peak!! Humans, and other races in the galaxy are at their peak, so Reapers will attack soon - your job is to save the galaxy!! 

I won't reveal more, get out there and play the game, you won't be disappointed :D

The thing about this series that fascinates me the most is how the characters are described :D By the time you finish the series, you will know everything about them, you will really fall in love with all of them... You choose your conversation options, so, you can choose will you be a Paragon or a Renegade :D It's really amazing! It's like you are in a movie, and you choose what is going to happen - many times you will make your own decisions, which will affect the storyline, and that is really cool :D You can also have a relationship with some of your crewmates, and there are some good "romantic" cutscenes - you don't want to miss that :P The whole series are completely mindblowing in every aspect :D

And now, the thing that many people are complaning about:

Mass Effect 3's ending

Yes, the ending wasn't that fascinating, and it didn't put a good closure to the series, although the Extended Cut DLC fixed that... But it still isn't that good, I imagined my ending, and that's how it finished for me :D But it still isn't that bad... It's realistic, but that isn't always a best choice, especially when the story is the main aspect of the game, when you learn to love the characters... Everyone expected the perfect ending, but, sadly, we got something else :/ But this isn't something that makes this game bad, Mass Effect 3 is still the best game in the series for me, because it put a closure to the main story and many side stories from ME1 and ME2 (Like cure for genophage, or the geth/quarian war)...

But one thing is sure - Mass Effect series are still one of the best gaming series of all time... All three games are worth every second you play them!! 

And, to conclude this review -

I STRONGLY RECCOMEND EVERYONE not to play Mass Effect 3 before finishing the first two!! It won't give you closely the same experience you will get by playing these games sequentially!!

Written by Tom4LP



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