Warrior Within: failure or sucess?

Written by uhraurhua on Wed, Sep 12, 2012 2:45 PM
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After the huge success of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time in 2003, Ubisoft decided to make a new PoP game but with better graphics, better gameplay, better combat and more gore. This is how Warrior Within was born (in 2004), causing a lot of discussions in the gaming community.

Because of the darker (and more badass) atmosphere some SoT (Sand of Time duh) fans didn't like the new video game and decided it's rubbish and doesn't worth the money. People who said that should reconsider because PoP2 is the best game of the series. The game has the best story, the best gameplay and the most badass atmosphere ever. The rock n roll  music, the dark theme and the gore makes you think like a badass prince and not a kid with a stick like in PoP1. Also the fighting moves are awesome and work well with the game's acrobatics. The combat system gives you more freedom because it allows you to use the environment in you battles: you can use wall running for special moves, you can throw enemies into spikes etc.

The story presents a different prince than in SoT, instead of teenager you have a full adult that fights for survival, a man that will go into hell and back only to save his life. The game starts with a movie showing your journey to the Island of Time, the place where the sands of time were created. Because you opened the SoT in PoP 1 you were supposed to die but you managed to cheat fate and now a big, black and badass creature called the Dahaka is coming to kill you. In order to survive you must prevent the creation of the Sands of Time and to do that you have to go back in time and stop the Empress of Time. When you reach the Island of Time your crew is killed and your ship is destroyed by some sort of sand creatures and their leader: Shadee (a woman with a nice ass). Although you end up in the cold sea, with your ship sunk and your men killed you managed to reach the shores alive and follow Shadee through a strange time portal. Here the story becomes interesting and it shows you that fate is not easy to cheat (even with sv_cheats 1).

Prince of Persia Warrior Within let's you choose between two different endings, both of them showing you that: "Your journey will not end well! You can not change your fate, no man can...." (the old man).

The game's graphics are way better than SoT and The Two Thrones (PoP 3 released in 2005), creating interesting environments and cool finishing moves. Warrior Within was a very good game but it had 1 problem: bugs and many errors. The game's errors were anoying because they made it impossible to finish it. For example a wall that was destroyed in a cutscene is still standing after it ends, or some scripts problems. These problems may force you to go back to a previous save and if you saved in one slot then you are doomed. 

Because of the intense gameplay, good graphics and badass atmosphere, Warrior Within is THE best PoP ever and let's you see the world through the eyes of a prince sentenced to death, experiencing adrenaline on a new level!


  • Intense gameplay!
  • Really good story!
  • Nice athmosphere


  • Random errors
  • A few bugs
  • A few glitches



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11:22 Mar-06-2013

Its a huge success

12:05 Mar-06-2013

I know, and it is one of my favourite games. I hope you liked my review : )