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Grove Street, home...

Released: 2004

By: Rockstar Games

Game Site link: http://www.rockstargames.com/sanandreas/


The first time when I saw this game I thought: 'What an amazing game.' I played it on a PS2 of my friend. I had also a PS2 so the next week I bought the game. Never played the whole game on PS2, but on PC I did!

San Andreas is a state in America. I think it's mainly based on California. You have three big cities in San Andreas: Los Santos (based on Los Angeles; Angeles means of course angels, and Santos means Hallows). The second city is San Fierro (This one is based on San Fransisco, Fierro means 'Steel'. It could refer to the Ganton Bridge, which is based on the Golden Gate). The third big city is Las Venturas (based on Las Vegas, Venturas means 'Luck', and in a gambling city such as Las Ventures you need it!).

This game hasn't great graphics, but the gameplay is just great! You can do the missions or just free-roam around the map. And the map is really big. I found it a little bit disappointing that you can't enter all islands at the very beginning of the game. But that's the case in all GTA games. So I started playing mission to get to San Fierro. 

You start the game at Los Santos. You play as Carl Johnson (CJ). I'm not going to tell you the whole story, but just the first mission. You have to cycle to grove street. That's the place where CJ's house is. Grove Street is the headquarter of the Grove Street Families gang (CJ's gang). You will meet here Sweet, Kendl and Big Smoke. You have to follow these people on your bike, but the enemies of the Grove Street gang are attacking you. This gang is called the 'Ballas'. 

The map of the game is really big for such an old game, like I said before. It has a lot of variety in landscape, from big grey cities to countrysides and deserts. The swim feature in this game is also new to the GTA series. Now you don't die if you fall into the water. 

The storyline is the best of the GTA series, I think. I'm not going to tell the end, but you should really play the whole game. The last mission is the best of the whole game. At the end, officer Tenpenny is your enemy, what will happen to him? The story is about drugs, gangwars, friends, family and traitors.

In short: It's a great game to play, it has low graphics but the story is still great. Best GTA game till now (maybe is GTA V gonna be better:D)


P.S. excuse me for grammer fails/typos. I'm Dutch :)

The Strip, Las Venturas.