Far Cry
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Far Cry 1 Gameplay.

Released: 2004.

Developed by: Crytek.

Published by: Ubisoft.

Far Cry 1 is a first-person shooter action game.


In the game you are an ex-commander called Jack Carver. You're stranded on a tropical island. You have to search for a female journilist. She got lost after an attack on your boat. And now you're alone. You get messages from a mysterious guy called Harlan Doyle.

Far Cry 1 runs on CryEngine 1. Back in 2004 is was a great engine, but now it's kinda outdated. Now we have CryEngine 2 and some games come even with CryEngine 3.

CryEngine 1 has has better graphics than most games from 2004. And also very realistic physics. The tropical island with wild vegetation is a good environment for CryEngine 1.

The first missions of the game are very simple, you have to shoot 5 or 8 people. But when you go further in the game, you have to eliminate more enemies. A great way to eliminate them is to kill them from behind with your machete. If you sneak through the bushes, your enemies will not notice you. So the engine is very realistic.

There are also some mutants in the game. They're created by an insane scientist called 'Krieger'. On the island there are residents being murdered by the merceneries. You have to kill the merceneries, they are your biggest enemie.

You can drive vehicles in the game, like a ATV or some boats. Or you could use a glider if you're stuck on a mountain. These vehicles are very usefull if you have to escape from enemies. These vehicles have often a mounted gun on-board. You could also switch from first-person view to third-person view when you are in a vehicle. I think, third-person view is more convenient in a vehicle than first-person view.

Far Cry 1 has multiplayer too. But I don't play the muliplayer, because I think it sucks. There are just a few game types: deatchmatch, team deatchmatch and assault. If you're playing assault there are two teams. Each team has 3 bases and have to defend their own bases and attack the enemies' bases. But the multiplayer get's bored after a while and is not as good as COD multiplayer.

In short: It's a great game to play. You have various difficulties, so the game will fit to anyone. Realistic engine but bad multiplayer.


P.S. Sorry for grammer fails/typos. I'm Dutch :)

Far Cry 1 Gameplay.