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Postal 2, fire.

Released: 2003

Developed by: Running With Scissors


Postal 2: bloody, violence and a selfish dude called 'Postal dude'. Postal dude lives with his sulky wife in a caravan in a village called Paradise. Play in first-person style with the dude...


This game is pretty useless, but it's fun to play. There are, in singleplayer mode, missions in the game. You have to get some stuff like: milk, a christmas tree or car parts. When you're going to get these things, you are being attacked by the S.W.A.T, soldiers, protesters or just some random people. Just punch them in the face with a scoop or hit them with a gun and they will die.

The game also features multiplayer. It's very fun to play! There are 4 multiplayer game types:

- Deathmatch.

- Team deathmatch.

- Grab (You have to grab packages, they will make you stronger)

- Snatch ( Everyone has a Postal Babe, snatch a babe of one of your enemies and you win!)

But there are just a few people playing this game online anno 2012. So the servers with the game type deathmatch are the fullest servers.


Some cool features of the game:

- You can piss on people.

- Set people on fire with gasoline.

- If you piss onto people, they have to puke.

- Throw with scissors.


Postal 2 runs on Unreal-Engine 2. Unreal-Engine was developed by Epic Games and was first meant for first-person games and was first used for the game Unreal. But Postal 2 runs very smooth on this engine. But the graphics are very outdated.

In short: This game is just useless, there is no real story in it. Just kill some people and get your stuff or play multiplayer. Great game when you're bored!


P.S. Excuse me for any grammar fails/typos. I'm Dutch :)

Postal 2, pissing.