Just Cause
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Just Cause, stunt position.

Released: 2006

Developed by: Avalanche Studios

Published by: Eidos Interactive

Platform: PC, PS2, XBox (360)


In this game, you're an CIA-agent (Rico Rodriguez). It's your task to liberate the tropical island San Esperito. Your biggest enemy is the corrupt general Mendoza.


This game comes with some cool features:

- Grappling hook.

- Parachute.

- Nice actions moves.

- Stunt position.

The grappling hook is very useful when you're stuck in a fight. Just attach your grappling hook to a car and your parachute will automatically open. Now you can escape.

When you're in the stunt position you can easily shoot people from the sky when you're on a plane. It's very useful.


The environment is very great. This game has a map of 391 square miles, that's very big for such an old game. The map consists out of mountains, roads, bridges, cities and oceans. You can choose your own way to travel: Do it with the grappling hook, grab a plane of just simply take a car.


The game has also missions. In these missions you have to liberate a small area of the map or villages together with the guerillas. There are also some side-missions, like taking over a drug cartel hideout. But these missions get boring after a while and I think it's more fun to just do whatever you want, because this game gives you the opportunities to do that with this amazing map.


The graphics of this game are quite good for a game of 2006, but that means you can't play it smoothly on an old pc. (for instance I can't play it smoothly on my old laptop).

In short: Good gameplay, nice features, big map, but the missions suck.


P.S. Excuse me for any grammar fails/typos. I'm Dutch :)

Just Cause, grappling hook.