LA Noire
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Cole Phelps interviewing a witness.

Hi guys! Today I'm reviewing amazing Rockstar game - L.A. Noire. When this game was released in late 2011, it was really something else in the gaming world! This game had been developed for 7 years, and when it came out, it was a positive shock :D



This game is set in Los Angeles, in the year 1947. The protagonist is a LAPD detective, called Cole Phelps. He fought in the World War II, and he is trying to supress his war memories by becoming a police officer. But he is too ambitious to be just a police officer... He is always looking for a case to solve by himself, so the Captain could notice him, and promote him to detective. When that finally happened, Cole was promoted to the Traffic squad detective... He will later be in the Homicide, Vice, and Arsen squads...

This game is so great, because it really lets you to get into the 1940's detective's mind... Back then the technology wasn't so great... There was no DNA testing... It was all up to detective's intuition and witness interrogation..

To conclude this - The story is really amazing and addictive... All characters are perfectly blended into story... The game is really worth playing!



This is a 3rd person, crime, open world, sandbox game... It's got a big map that replicates 1940's Los Angeles very well. This game is most about thinking and finding the truth. There are, however many chases and shootouts, but they aren't hard and challenging :)

But the one thing that makes this game unique is MotionScan technology - That means that all characters are real actors :D Their faces were scanned, so in game characters have detailed facial expressions! This is the biggest adition to the game, because when interrogating you can observe the suspect closely to find out whether they are lying or not :D When accusing a suspect of lying, you must present the evidence that proves that, so, when exploring the crime scenes, look detaily so you don't miss something :D

One more thing - The game is poorly optimized for PC, but there are patches that fix that...


Now, to conclude this review: This is a great game, it really offers you different, unique experience which is great in every way! It's worth bying and playing, so what are you waiting for? :D

I hope you enjoyed reading this article :) 

Written by Tom4LP

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