End Of Nations
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Looks like its going to be flaming.

Real time strategy games come and go every year some stand on top for that year and then they arne't seen again like RUSE. End of nations seems VERY promising and if TRION keeps their word and does it right then this 

game could give starcraft a run for it's money. It's also free 2 play.

End of nations has a very simple story. To control the world with what ever it takes. There's two forces you can choice from the Liberation front and the Shadow revolution. The Liberation front are what remain from the
superpower counties and want to restore liberty and democracy. The Shadow revolution want a single tightly controlled society where YOU carve your own destiny.


Game play.

It handles just like all modern MMORTS (massive multi player online real time strategy) games select the units you want to use right click to move them to destroy the enemy. After picking the side you want and the class
that side has has to offer; you can go straight into a fight with other people up to 4v4 or you can do the campaign, if you want go head to head with over players you just pick a location on the world map. If you don't want
to jump into a battle above the world map is an option bar which offers you information on the units in your class, upgrade abilities, game options etc.

When ever a new game comes out everyone wants to know if the optimization is good or not, currently it's not looking good, on max settings which it looks very stunning, I was only getting around 50 FPS with an HD6950
but as it's still in BETA i'm giving it the benefit of the doubt also it's going to be free 2 play so there is only so much you can expect from a game.

DON'T GO AFK! This isn't a game you can go afk even for a couple of seconds, playing with bots with three other people defending their zones will mean you coming back to no units. If you're fighting other players you
will most likely have cost your team the match, This is because it's a very fast paced RTS, I'd even say faster then starcraft on some maps.

Will it be a pay 2 win type of game. During my time on the BETA the shop wasn't available but I can't see how they would make it a P2W as there just doesn't look like there are that many options open for it but it could be
pay to get faster recourse to buy units back quicker and upgrade your base.

I haven't played any RTS games in some time so I was surprised how quickly I got the hang on it. My favourite game mode was survival where you had to destroy the enemies base before they destroyed yours, it requires a lot of quick thinking and being aware of the map.


What side to pick.

Liberation front: They lack the next gen-weapons but still can fight. There's two classes which you can choice from if you picked the Liberation. The Patriot class: they stand firm and defend their positions by wiping out
large battle zones using long-range explosive weaponry. Picking the Patriots will give you three units.

Adaddon which is a light tank that fires flak rounds from four machine guns, these are great on enemy aircraft and will reduce building to dust. The second unit is a Ragnarok which is almost like a flying fortress with
machine guns and rockets, it will make short work of ground-based targets in it's sight, it's not great at fighting enemy aircraft so make sure your Adaddon are near by. The last unit for the Patriots is the Cyclops; is a
light artillery vehicle which is the Libertarian fronts main vehicle, along with a huge cannon it also carries a flamethrower.

The Spartan class has heavy armor and heavy firepower which a spartan should have. The first of three units in the Orion; which is an infantry unit with high-tech armor, it's resistant to EMP blasts and has the lasts weapon
system, it can take down aircraft. With it's munitions round forms it's powerful missile launcher it can destroy most ground units and keep the skies clears. The Vulcan is a light wight vehicle has only one weapon which is
napalm, it will quickly incinerate the enemy even if it's got heavy armor. Titan which is a heavy tank and if you see it you better have a good army to take them out because it doesn't just have impressive firepower it's
armor is made from SUPER-HARD depleted uranium, so if going straight though the enemy is your thing then the Titan in the spartan class is the right unit for you.

Each force has structures, the Liberation front has machine gun turret for defending a location, A cannon turret for making short work of light and heavy vehicles and an Artillery turret which is the best thing to oomph
up your defense, it fires explosive shell that will reach long range targets.

Shadow revolution: They are free-thinking rebels splintering from the order of nations to form the shadow revolution, they have the next-generation of weaponry. Just like the Liberation front they have two classes; the
first one class is the Phantom class. Stalker is an infantry unit; it's got the snipers in mid with it's long range weaponry which has greater range than it's enemy. Shredder is the second unit in the Phantom class, the names
tells every detail of it. lurking in a smokescreen it slices aircraft and buildings to pieces. The last unit is a Ravager it's a heavy vehicle; it's nickname is "long distance death-on-wheels" if bombing the enemy out of their
detection range then this unit was meant for you.

The Wraith class; slashes and burns the enemy with hit and run tactics. Fury: light weight vehicle which melts your targets with a fury electrified field. Each shot sends out thousands of volts through the enemy stopping
the light vehicles and aircraft from owning the field. The Vulture unit is a fast moving aircraft it's for taking out the enemy aircraft and controlling the air space. The last unit is a Marauder is a light weight master of hit
and run, it's got a multi-pod cannon system with rocket powered evasion

Structures: Drone cloud turret it launches a cloud of drones to take out the heaviest of vehicles when near by. It's vulnerable to long range attacks and aircraft. The Arc turret: uses a wide field of electrical energy while
not being great for taking out medium and heavy units, but it can take out light vehicles and aircraft with ease.

There are also unit abilities but as I didn't really use them I don't really know what they are. The Aircraft have missiles that work great on other air units and can do some damage to ground units, the ground units have the second abilities which are better than there main gun.

It doesn't matter what side you pick for what force is stronger because it just depends on how good your side and the enemy side is. I did enjoy playing as the Liberation front more. All the units don't seem over powered more balanced out.

Lots of land for lots of games.