The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Episode 3, The Long Road Ahead.

Released: 2012

By: Telltale Games


This game is more like a movie than a game to me. The whole game series of 'The Walking Dead' is great. But I just chose the 3rd game to write a review about it.


This game is based on a comic. The game starts like a prequel on the story of the comic but after a while it gets its own story. There is not a lot of action in this game. There are a lot of cutscenes and it feels like you're watching a movie rather than playing a game.

The things you do in the game have much influence on the people and the whole world around you. So if you've played the whole game and you start again from the beginning it would be a very different game again. You can play this game in many ways like you want to play it.


The graphics of the game are a little bit like a cartoon. I think they've made this game like this, because it was based on a comic. You don't need a very good PC to run this game, because even my outdated laptop can run this game on low settings.


The story in this game is awesome. It's very realistic (although zombies aren't very realistic). But the other characters in the game are responding very realistic to your choices. That's what's making this game fun to play. I don't play this game because of the zombies, but I play this game because of the great story.

In short: Great story, but the graphics are not as great as you should expect from a game of 2012.


P.S. Excuse me for any grammar fails/typos. I'm Dutch :)

It has a great storyline.