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LOL! I Think this one escaped from Juarassic Park.

    I thought of writing a review about this game as this was the first game game i played when i bought my PC. I cannot forget the memories of playing this game, which pushed me further into the world of Gaming.

The story of the game is simple. You will play as a British archaeologist named Lara Croft. You have to go through some ancient ruins to find some artifacts. As you do so you will also encounter some old enemies. As your enemies also want the artifacts you have to fight for it. The enemies most of the time come in cutscenes. As you are searching the ruins you will encounter types of animals which suddenly bump into you sometimes scare you. And in some levels you will also play with some mummies. The thing i like about the main character in the game is her attitude and man isn't she some girl to swing around or climb the ruins.

The gameplay is cool and interesting. The Tense atmosphere is stunning and there is suspense in the air which makes you wonder what may happen next or which animal would you bump into. You will have to solve some puzzles to open some doors or you have to swing around, climb up or down to interact with switches. The coolest part of the game is that you should be attentive during cutscenes because there will be some work for you. So cutscenes will never bore you. There will also be Boss Fights at the end of each level which are tricky and difficult. You should also use graple hook during the game, which is very important in the game.

The combat is awesome and exiting. You will a pair of Pistols as your primary weapon( with infinite ammo). You will also have a Shotgun and a Uzi, which you will get as you proceed through the game. You can also perform quick kills to your animal friends that to in slow motion ( Similar to Bullet Time in Max Payne). You can perform quick kills when animals come near you.

The Sound effects in the game are awesome, which adds more suspense in the air. It keeps at your seat's edge during combats. It adds a whole new experience to the game.

The Graphics are also good compared to game released in the same year as it was. The textures are also good. You can also try out different outfits for Lara which you  will find as collectibles in the game.

And if your are finished with the story part of the game and feeling bored, you can also roam in and around the Croft Manor and find some hidden artifacts.

In my opinion i enjoyed every bit if of the game very much and didn't find any cons in the game. Overall this is the best and my all time favourite Adventure game. If you love Action, Adventure games then you must play it. Even if you are not an adventurer type, you should give it a try.   Happy Gaming.