Just Cause 2
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A beautiful view for such troublesome island

Just Cause series was been always a epic game for me, from the first series this game had the coolest feature in that time. Now the sequel i've been playing if I get bored with the game that are available on the desktop I search the Just Cause 2 icon then click it *click*

The game takes place in the 400 square miles wide south-east archipelago called Panau, Panau had been a friendly country with uncle Sam that are dancing to uncle Sam's tune, but after the US friendly president Papa Panay killed by his heir, 'Pandak Baby-Panay' the situation gone wrong. After the coup,the US sent a Agency agent Rico Rodriguez to settle the situation. But his objective were not just to settle the situation but also to find his missing mentor and friend, Tom Sheldon that are feared gone rouge. Rico appearance now had been re-vamped, now he's merciless, full of swear word and had itchy trigger finger on his hand. so don't mess up with him if you still want to breathe air.

The graphics weren't so bad, In fact it was amazing. It had good graphics reflecting Panau's 4 season island, from dense jungle to yellow hot desert. The game was really optimized even in the hardest condition like multiple explosion and horde of soldier hunting for you. You really enjoyed the view while traveling to your destination. from sunset, rain, storm and sunny days. It's doesn't make your eyes hurt to see the view for a long time. The vehicles model are nicely built they can had a dirt on the skirt if you driving in the dirt too long, scratches and parts were detached if you bump another vehicle or falling down the cliff. all i can say is the graphics was very amazing for a free roam game in that time.(until now)

Next stop: the gameplay. The gameplay was very addictive though the mission were not very interesting only had to kill specific people, steal car, destroy things, capture base and kill some people so i prefer not to play the mission so much. the game mostly had to make chaos, chaos mean that player had to destroy government facility and collecting collectibles scattered around Panau, the much chaos you made, the more reward you unlock the more mission you received too, so don't be shy to waste bullet an remember the more chaos, the harder and meaner Panau's military hunting you, from simple jeep and motorcycle to Gatling mounted plus rocket launcher equipped choppers try to kill you.

Chaos point determines points you received by sabotaging military installation, completing mission, collecting settlements collectible and assassinate colonels. The more chaos you made, the more equipment you unlock and also chaos point needed to unlock next mission whatever it is agency mission or faction mission. Panau had 3 faction you can work for. there are the Ular Boys, describes a crazy jungle mob who wants to turn the island into a natural paradise, meaning no foreigners, no foreign goods and no foreign pop music that want all foreign interest and influence gone in panau. then the Roaches, Mafia like organized crime that are controlling Panau illegal activities , drug, smuggling and prostitution. last but not least, the Reapers. they wanted to make Panau to be communist nation inspired by old Che Guevara.

The arsenal that are available in this game were many and unique, from handgun to rocket launcher, there are also Pre-Order DLC adding cool weapon such as Bulls-eye AR, Multi lock rocket launcher, and Rico's Signature gun. the weapon can be improved by collecting 'Weapon Part' collectible scattered in panau the improvement can enhanced damage, rate of fire, magazine size and many more also the other collectible such as 'Armor parts', "Vehicle Parts' can improve Rico strength and improving vehicle stat. there is other collectibles too that gives you chaos point and money and it is fun to look for them by the help of the signal indicator in the HUD and the location were not hidden, so it's easy to find it.

You can bought heavy drop of weapon and vehicle for a price by calling local Black Market dealer called 'Sloth Demon'. He help you in mission by giving objectives and information you needed, you also can call him for air extraction if you're tired of driving. this really help if you need vehicle or weapon when you're ran out of ammo.

Grappling hook was more that a feature added to the sequel, different from it predecessor that can only attached to vehicle, now the grappling hook can be attached to solid ground or object or even help you move trough location swiftly by pulling yourself with the hook. it will make you move like spiderman with no web if you master the technique. or by using parachute and grapple hook to move faster than using land vehicle to evade angry pursuers. the Grappler can be melee weapon as well, nice when you're stuck in crossfire with your weapon empty. then when the time you get bored you can had little 'experiment' with grappler such as attaching civilian to propane gas to make them fly randomly then explode on air.

But mostly i used the grappler to hijack certain vehicle such as Choppers, boat, jeeps and using it often on combat by pulling snipers down from the watch tower to make them fall, reveal them from their cover, whip them when they got close, Pull a ditched vehicle. and all that just because adding a simple but useful grappling hook to a game.

The game AI were pretty smart, they can take cover while the other give suppressing fire, they can call reinforcement if they outnumbered and call choppers to help them. It just challenging to face smart AI that are capable to plan and cope their surrounding. They also chase you with vehicle if you ran away from them by using boats, jeeps and of course, Helicopters.

In the end, i really enjoyed this game. this game really worth to play and i recommend you guys to try and play this game if your favorite genre was Free-roam action sandbox games.


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