The Darkness 2
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Th Darkness II is FPS game, with a twist.

You play as Jackie Estacado, the don of the Franchetti crime family. Although he still has the 'Darkness' inside him he as learnt to control it and has been living life normally. One night while in a restraunt Jackie and his gang are attacked by a rival mob and Jackie becomes seriously injured, his leg is crushed and is unable to walk. During the attack the darkness calls to him, telling him to let it out to fight his foes. After an explosion Jackie slowly bleeds out. He is confronted by an enemy and Jackie lets the darkness come out, it kills a group of henchmen and then with the regenerative powers of the darkness he heals his leg and goes on to puch back the attackers.

The game goes from there and progressses with great fluidity. The constant struggle that Jackie has to "semi-control" the darkness is great. jackie enlists the help (once again) of Jimmy Powell who had before helped him control the darkness.

Jackie keeps seeing his dead girlfriend 'Jenny' and this plays through the story well, it gives jackie his motives to keep hunting the people who attacked him and his gang. 

The game could use with a wider range of guns but the main focus is on the powers and attacks from the Darkness 'tentacle monster things' that come out of your back.

Overall this game is great, the combat is fast and fliud and just great fun to play. I give this game 8/10