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Hello everybody! Today I'm reviewing one of my favorite games ever, and in my opinion the best first person shooter ever - Crysis! When this game came out back in 2007, the graphics were astonishing! If you ask me they still are :) Still nowadays, not every rig can max this game out :) But the things more important than graphics are surely gameplay and story - and those are the things that make Crysis such a great game :D Crysis's gameplay was something new when the game came out, but those experiments turned out to be an enormous + for the game. And story is so brilliant that I could probably play the game 24/7 until I finish it to see what's gonna happen :D Let's now analyze the story and the gameplay :D



The story takes part in the year 2020... The protagonist in this game is Nomad.. He is a member in a special Raptor team, who's members are equipped with Nanosuits (more about them in the gameplay section)... The Raptor Team was sent to Lingshan Islands, after Dr. Rosenthal and his small team of archaeologists sent a distress call... You will find out that the island is occupied by North Korean Forces... Their leader Ri-Chang Kyong was sent to explore a big temple on one of the islands, that was emmiting a strange powerful energy... As the game progresses, you will slowly discover the big, dark secret that these Islands hold, secret that could change the world that we know...

The game's story is absolutely amazing! I won't reveal you the story anymore, play the game, you won't be disappointed! :D



This game is, in one way, classic first person shooter game.... But in the other way, the game is much more than that! The Nanosuit that I mentioned before offers you so much options how you want to play this game :D The suit has 4 modes:

Maximum strength - It makes your jumps higher, your punches harder, and your aim more precise...

Maximum armor - Deflects certain amount of damage, and your suit power recharges faster...

Maximum speed - You run, swim, and reload weapons much faster...

Cloak mode - You stay invisible until your suit energy drains out...

Remember, you can use suit's modes as long as you have suit energy... Don't worry, when you don't use the modes, your suit energy will regenerate fast :)

So Nanosuit opens to you so many possibilities! You can use speed mode, and kill your enemies before they even notice you are there :D Or you can kill them stealthly using cloak mode... Or you can go the old-fashioned way with the armor mode :D That's the thing that makes this game so amazing! :)

One more thing about the gameplay... This game have many levels, and all of them are sandboxy - there is much to explore and find :)


Now, to conclude this review

Crysis is one of the games that I enjoyed the most! I really can't think of any con! If you love FPS games, and haven't played this one, you must do it! I guarantee you - YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!

10/10 in every single aspect of the game!

Written by Tom4LP

It still has great graphics