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Size doesnt matter :D

Hi there everyone! Today I'm reviewing my favorite adventure game - Prince of Persia: Warrior Within... I'm a big fan of all recent Prince of Persia games (starting with Sands of Time)... This game felt like a big improvement from its predecessor, Sands of Time... Combat has been improved much, with so many combo moves... And game's story is the best of all Prince of Persia games! So, lets detaily review story and gameplay of this game :D



This game is set in the year 611 BC... Ever since Prince destroyed the Sands of Time six years ago, he is being haunted by the monster called The Dahaka. After Prince realised that these attacks aren't going to stop, he decided to visit the "wise old man" (Who's name is unknown), who told him that after Prince escaped his fate and destroyed the Sands of Time, he changed the Timeline, and the Dahaka is the guardian of the Timeline, thus, he won't stop attacking Prince until he is dead... Old man tells him that the only way he can change his fate is to go to the Island of Time and prevent the Empress of Time to create the Sands of Time... But even before he arrives to the Island of Time, the Emoress of Time will attack him, because she had seen in her visions that her fate is to die in Prince's hands... So with both the Dahaka and Empress of Time trying to kill him, this trip will be much more than a vacation :D

Like the story and want to see how it ends? Play the game, I won't reveal more of it!! :D

But the thing I liked most about the story is the possibility to finish the game in two different ways! It's really difficult to get the second "real" ending, you will have to try hard to accomplish that :D



Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is the third person adventure... Prince can fight with many different melee weapons, like swords, maces, axes, and more... The game's world is the whole big kingdom with many different beautiful environments, like castle gardens, mechanical towers... This is an open world sandbox game. It's world holds many secrets, secret weapons and more :D You never know what you can run into :)

Prince is an agile person who can do many stunt moves, like running along vertical walls, climbing up the columns.... This is, in fact, stuff that makes Prince of Persia games special...

The combat is also pretty amazing... Prince can fight with two weapons at the same time, and that offers so many great combo moves... Different secondary weapons offer you different combo moves, so choose wisely when you pick up the secondary weapons ;D Secondary weapons last only a short period of time until they break... But there are many hidden secondary weapons across the map, which are indestructible...

In fact, this open world and secret weapons, alongside great story and the two way ending are the things that give this game the edge over other Prince of Persia games...



Although this game is pretty old now, it's still amazing, and it will always be worth playing! I recommend you, if you are an adventure games fan, and if you haven't played this one - This is the must-play for you! So get out there, buy it and play it :D

But I also recommend you first to play The Sands of Time first, so you can understand the story better :)

The only thing I don't like in this game is that you can get lost in the world easily... It can be really frustrating, so watch where you're going! :D


Written by Tom4LP

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