Gran Turismo 5
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Thats right redneck big blocks and sporty Italian cars in one game :)

Gran Turismo 5 is quite literally the best driving simulator on the market. Kazunori Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital are not blowing smoke when they say that Gran Turismo 5 isĀ  'The Real Driving Simulator'. Now that I've given you my overall opinion and hopefully kept you from yawning lets go into specifics. :)

When you first get the game you'll notice the case isn't the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world yet it somehow catches your eye and causes a flow of adrenaline to shoot through your body. You get home your all exited to play THE racing game you boot up the PS3 and insert the disk. Then upon game loading you are able to watch a stunning cinema on Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) and the secrets of the car. Within the first 3 minutes you are drooling at the graphics and game physics as well as the jaw dropping cars zooming around this stunning world of polygons. You are now so anxious to put your character into some exotic super car and drive around one of the many tracks at full speed that you are jumping up and down! Alas life is cruel and you realize you must work your way up to expensive cars at insane speeds and must settle for a more affordable and quite slower car.

You buy a car and go to your first race or go to driving school if your new at racing with realistic physics (highly recommended) and notice this game is all about when to slam on those brakes. That's one of the things I love most about this game, you can not go full throttle into any situation. You realize soon enough that G-force, momentum, and traction determine how fast you can hit a corner. After an hour of hitting the walls with enough force to crush a train (and not taking damage...) a light pops up above your head and you begin racing like a star . You are now on your way to becoming a true legend.

Racing games ultimately boil down to cars, and GT5 has a lot of them. With 1.000 cars and counting there's something for everyone. The little differences between a '05 Suzuki Swift and the '07 model are so much fun to experience, and those subtle differences are what really matters. I honestly think there isn't a game in the world that features so many cars in this amount of detail.The cars aren't all perfect though. There's a big difference between the 800 standard cars and the 200 premium cars that the game offers. The standard cars are converted from previous PS2 games and they look absolutely horrid.

All in all this game is a must to have in your collection and definitely worth picking up.

Hehe Cockpit veiw XD