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I think that starwolves 3 civil war , may not be a graphic wonder or direct action in playing but it's a good tactical and storyline despite the log waiting in travels and the sudden death from which i'm probably sure that you didn't saved . the blessing in this game is te 2x/4x/8x time speed without which you'd probably sleep or something like that . The combat it's not very complex and it's repetitive , but the state-of-art weapons are very large in vary with their own story and classified in generation 1st being the weakest and the 5th being the newest-best . It has quite a few endings in which may not be the best choice , different characters as you choose your path .Also one of the best things are the character skill tree which is huge as you cannot complete it fully and the classes :Pilot,gunner,missiler,engineer .The game also has a bug , you click on the map and the ship in a wonderfull way goes the other way around as the game thought you clicked there . also on high speed x8 some ship may rotate and lose speed or just spin in place . that's not very wanted. In general it's a good game as it has a lot of choices so you will ask yourself ,what would've happened if ... I rate this game 8.5 as a S.F and space game