Silent Storm
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Silent Storm is a RPG Game based in WWII. 

 It has a nice campaign which you can play with 2 factions:Allies and Axis which you can choose at the main menu.The factions have diffrences such as,the characters,the weapons,and the missions.At the begining of a new game you are picking your character and can change the specialization:Scount,Sniper,Medic,Engineer,Sol

-dier and grenadier.

 You have attributes and skills which are hard to learn them and thats a good thing about this game.You can learn them by gaining levels.You are gaining progress to levels by healing a teamate killing enemies or killing a boss.

 The missions are well made with many enemy NPC's.You can go stealth or spartan style.Each mission is unique and each one has its own style.


Thats all for now i hope you'll check it out.

An example of the game ragdoll physics