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Gotham City Impostors is a free to play first person shooter with a twist.


Two teams, The Bats and The jokers fight across 4 different game modes in order to complete the goofy objectives and defeat the enemy. The four game modes are as follows :

Team Deathmatch, the standard all out frag fest where you fight it out to reach the kill cap before the other team.


Fumigation is similar to Domination in the Call of duty series, you fight to capture numerous points on the map in order to release your gas across the city. There will be a percentage icon near the team logos that tells you which team is in the lead.


Psych warfare is another gamemode where one team guards a giant set of speakers on the map, whilst the other tries to stop them. If the capturing team is successfull then the defending team will suffer a penalty where they lose their weapons and can only melee for a certain amount of time. The team with the most caps at the end wins


Bounty hunter is similar to Team Deathmatch except you only earn points for your team by taking out high valu targets.


The game has numerous customisation options available such as calling cards (Playercard) Paint jobs (Camos) Mascots (Pets) Custom classes and so much more. The class creation is so varied that it is almost insane. There are millions of combinations available. Weapon attatchments, support items and gadgets are all available to vary your skillset, whether it is roller skates, jack in a box, bear traps or even grappling hooks ; you will have fun using them. Fun facts (Perks) Give you an edge in battle.

Character customization - As well as customizing the core appearance of your character for each team, you also have the ability to choose the costumes they wear, with thousands of items available to buy with in game points (Earned free by playing) Or purchasing packs from the store. 


Body type - The body types are as follows : Speedy (Skinny dude) , Nimble (Chick), Tough (Beefy guy) , Burly (Fat Guy) And finally Mighty (Leviathon guy). All of these options affect numerous stats such as jump height, speed, speed with certain weapons, health and of course appearance.


Psych Profile - Traits that come with their own bonuses/consequences.


There are over a 1000 ranks in the game, and when you reach level 100 you will be given the option to promote (prestige) in order to continue to level 101 and earn a new emblem.


Rampage (Kill Streaks) Different bonuses through getting better streaks. E.G bonus damage, extra health etc.


Gangs - You have the option to join one of the gangs in the game, each own a part of Gotham city. This broadens the horizon and gives more competetive options in game. They also give you different catchphrases (In game taunts) depending on which you choose. The clans are : The Alley Cats, The Carnies, Killa Watts, Hazmats (Moi) and finally Wharf Rats.


Black Market (In Game store) Allows you to purchase numerous things such as costume packs, exp boosts,  extra weapon packs and mascots.


With over 20 weapons and 8 maps, this is definitely worth downloading.

To find out more visit the wiki page at : http://www.gciwiki.com/Gotham_City_Impostors_Wiki

Or Watch some videos online.