Allods Online
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There is so much I can say about this game but I think the obvious part is Graphics. They are absolutely excellent, with great detail, and for an online game the graphics load so seemlessly, it almost feels a little un-natural.


The gameplay style is very easy to get used to, and by the time you leave the tutorial area, you will more than likely have a natural affinity with your character, and if not I suggest trying another archetype before venturing out, as the world of allods is not always an easy place to survive, and some classes in allods are redifined by the talent trees. The combat system is easy to use, and you will soon be hitting homeruns with your enemies, freezing them solid, or turning them into an instant pin cushion, even on a new character.


Customization, and item, or armor options, are basically infinite, with new content being added to the game constantly, and usually they are very appealing items. The mount option lets you customize the look, and feel of your character even more, allowing even more immersion into the game.


Skills, and Abilities, are not only gained from archetypes, and classes. There are also many quest abilities, and racial abilities that will be unique to your character builds. The addition of the rubies system is a wonderful addition to the game, allowing for customizing, and tweaking your abilities themselves. If you use one spell more than another, the rubies will help you to maximise its potential damage, as well as lessen its casting time, as just two examples. Patronage, or your "God" allows you access to another set of abilities, which will add a permamnet Atk, and/or Def value while active. These abilities can also be upgraded by improving Runes.


The amount of character types, classes, skills, abilities, rubies, items, and mounts, leads to a huge amount of posibilities, in creating a character that represents your playing style. Which means that it is a game where you will likely have a few characters.


Lastly, some games that tout themselves as Free To Play, will somehow force you to pay, or you will be either constantly outclassed, or forced to grind upwards with minimal exp gains, while your P2P friends will take leaps and bounds towards their levels. This game ladies, and gentlmen, is the first truly free to play game I've seen in a long time. Where any character can compete, and enjoy a huge amount of content.


Just do it.