The time of the year has come when Sports Interactive has once again announced the new version of Football Manager. Due to be released on November 2, 2012, Football Manager 2013 is supposed to have over 900 updates and new features. Some of these are bigger, some are smaller, and in this preview I would like to tell about the more important updates.


Media interaction:

Just like every year, the interaction with media has been improved. Additionally to the usual new answer options, developers have enabled the player to choose the tone of the answers. Yes, the addition from the last year’s team-talks can now be employed while talking to the various journalists. The tone of your speech will have a big part on your relation with the media - earning you either a good or bad fame, and overall shaping your name as a manager.



Yes, this is something that has received very different opinions from fans of the franchise. Some people love the addition, others hate it. But the fact remains, that in the new game the player will need to account for various taxes involved in the transfer market. This is supposed to add more realism to the financial side of the management simulator.


New game mode:

Football Manager 2013 will also introduce a new game mode - Football Manager Classic. This type of gameplay will allow players to progress in time more easily/quickly, because many features are automated. Completing one season in Classic mode would take approximately 8 hours, and still give the manager a chance to buy players, modify tactics etc.

Additionally, the Classic mode will have 2 gameplay options: open season (the normal gameplay) and the challenge mode (giving the player control over a club struggling against relegation, or other similar difficult tasks). To make the game mode more fun, Sports Interactive have added a system of achievements, completing which will provide huge benefits in further gameplay.



Of course the previously mentioned features aren't the only improvements this year. The players will be able to see the graphics and animation being better than last year; a new staff role has been added (although once again, unplayable for the player) - Director of Football - who will upon asking take over the transfer negotiations of a certain player; training now has a possibility to be made more simple; player and staff comparison has been improved; scouting information is organized better, allowing for easier access; the design of the game screen has once again been made more efficient etc.


All of the upgrades I have mentioned, and many more will be available in the Football Manager 2013 game, which promise to be even better than the previous version. New features seem to make the gameplay more challenging, while also giving everything a fresher look and feeling. If after reading this you are interested in the game, there's an option of pre-ordering it, and if you like detailed management simulators, you will probably enjoy this game.