Borderlands 2
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More guns, more legendary drops, more raid bosses, more bosses, a bit more cinema-displays and a ton much more diverse and fun than its predecessor is what would bring this game up on his class. Borderlands 2 takes the great elements from the first Borderlands and make it better in every way. Did I mention there are more guns? 

OK so Borderlands 2 is supposed to have 87 bazillion of weapons, that's a lot of possibilities right? Of course, and this time around there's a new element added to the already existent ones: Slag. Slag element works a little different from the conventional burning or corrosive damage; enemies that are "slagged" by your slag weapon/grenade will be taking bonus damage from all other sources that don't deal slag damage. This is a nice touch in my opinion although I didn't find myself using it too much.

Back on weapons, this time around manufacturers now have unique designs for their weapons which is pretty cool, you can feel when you are using a nice Maliwan SMG judging by their futuristic and colorful design, or really feel the firepower behind your good ol' trusty Jakobs Sniper with the large and wood design of it. Tediore won't fall behind, now with weapons that when reloaded, are thrown and deal damage! kinda like of a grenade according to some people; the downside of this maneuver is that when you reload, your remaining bullets on the magazine now are wasted as the weapon-slinging uses those bullets to deal more damage, which I'm sure many will find that annoying as I did since I'm more like a shoot and reload over and over. 

Some weapon manufacturers are now gone like S&S but some other make their appearance like the "Bandit" manufacturer, which consist in a wide catalog of custom weapons designed by the bandits! These weapons specifically have a bunch more bullets on the magazine, and have unique and awesome paint job, since they're made by the bandits of course.

Weapons now are much MUCH more nice looking, since Gearbox wanted to give each weapon a unique style, and they pretty much succeeded, going from bulky quad-barrel shotguns that deplete your magazine but deliver a good pack of ouch, or a nice fast Shotgun with a large magazine and a high rate of fire, each of the characteristics of a weapon can be seen on the looks and the design and I found that cool.

Another "up" is that now weapons show their Reload Speed along with the other specifications of the weapon. This is fairly useful when deciding which of the two awesome Assault Rifles a player has looted, since Reload Speed is a really important matter between all the shooting. 

Alongside with Reload Speed comes another nice touch, now weapons show the Elemental Damage per Sec and the Chances of Affecting an enemy with said element. This is one of my favorites improvements as far as weapons are concerned.

Going past the weapons there is a new kind of gear called "Relics". You can loot these and swap them on your inventory, as a Shield or a Grenade Mod you can only use one. The benefits range from specific Weapon Manufacturer damage increase to Melee Damage or a upgrade on a type of gun like more bullets for a Sniper Rifle magazine and such. 

Class Mods are back and now with more force. In the first Borderlands, your character title depended on what class mod you had equipped, you could be a Hunter class with a Survivor class mod and hence have the Survivor title next to your level. This time around Class Mods may have two titles depending if they increase your Skill Points besides boosting your status, now you can be a Bloodied Survivor and such. Class Mods are now visible outside your inventory, that being, they are actually shown in a way of your Character wearing them and it's nice. 

Shields now go beyond "Health Boost" or "Super fast recharge!" as they were on the first Borderlands, now shields can have Spike damage, which result on returning damage to a melee atacker who just hit you, just like thorns. Other shield may have a chance to Absorb bullets and add them to your reserve, while other Shield gives you a massive Melee bonus when depleted.

Grenade Mods are improved now as well, they can be Homing Sticky Corrosive or have other crazy characteristics, now with animations properly designed and sweet-looking like a Sprinkler of Fire that stays a few seconds spinning and burning anything near it.

Graphics are great, Cel-Shaded as the original Borderlands, but now more detailed which gives it a unique feeling. PhysX may be enabled to enhance the visual experience and see all the corrosive particles wasting through armor and other cool effects.

Browsing through the inventory, at least for the PC version, might get messy, since it's better to use either the mouse or the keyboard, as the game messes up Down and Up when using both M and KB to check your gear, and that's annoying.

The shooting action is marvelous, I really enjoy every bullet that comes out of my Sniper Rifle or my trustworthy Pistol, hitting Critical Spots to deal extra damage. In combination with a now refined Skill Tree for each Character, the experience is delightful, especially when playing with others.

Bugs and/or Glitches when playing online are now seemingly fixed. If you feel like going online and leave Solo, when you come back from kicking arse with your friends, you will be left back when you were on Single Player, and not messed up and crossed missions of your hosting friend and your own missions. This is one big improvement for players who also like solo so they don't get their Single Player ruined by playing online from time to time. Also there's a trading system for players to get to an agreement of looting or just to see each other's gear.

The bank system is back to "Store your crap" quoting the first Borderlands, which will allow you to keep some unique weapons or some you might use later on. Now there's a stash where you can exchange weapons between your characters!

Skill Trees now are really variated which is nice since each player while having the same character, may have a total different build and that is good.

The Audio is really cool, as Jesper Kyd made his input to the music of the game, which is important when gaming to feel involved and get in the atmosphere when blowing stuff up or Headshoot-ing bandits. Each area of the game has a unique soundtrack that match just fine and gets you in the mood to keep firing.

Now there is a new mechanic called Badass Ranks, that implement a ton of challenges with 5 levels each challenge that will give you Badass Points to increase your statistics like Maximum Health, Shield Recharge Rate or Reload Speed, and can grant you new skins to customize your Character. It's always nice to have some extra bonuses right? Well there have been reports that the game bugs out and reset your badass rank and everything that comes with them like Skins and such. Gearbox said they are working on it, since this bug seems to happen an all plataforms which is unfortunate.

Borderlands 2 succeed on improving the original Borderlands' already great elements and art style, and although it has (really few) annoyances and issues, I still recommend getting it since it's a great game and plays really good either Single Player or Multi Player, with great replay value and tons of fun. 

The guy I use in the game :p