Carrier Command, this name brings back memories. I remember when i was younger how i played that extremly hard 80's game, but it didn't matter if it was hard the feeling of capturing an enemy island with the help of your few troops was amazing. Now ladies and gentleman's let's decide if Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is a true succesor to the first game

 Let's start with the gameplay. The game is a combination between a rts and fps, ok the idea seems pretty great but did the producers really did it properly? Well i would say yes. The shift between the fps and rts styles is really smooth. when you are in the rts style of the game there is always a little screen in the top left corner of the monitor that shows the movment of the desired unit and with a left click you can get into the battle yourself real quick. The units of the game are not real varied, i mean i understand that Bohemia tried to not change the feeling of the old game but they could have added more troops at your disposal. You have two types of units: land and air, the only unit you can command on sea is your carrier. On land you have your Walrus an amphibious assault vehicle, and in the air you have an Manta a plane that can hover giving you a tactical position on the battlefield, we will talk about how you can upgrade them soon. 

 When you think about rts games you automatically think about base building, CC:GM has a base building system, your carrier is your base where you can construct defence for the carrier or weapons and armor for your troops, so this is how you upgrade your troops: you conquer islands that bring you ressources, with those you can create armor and weapons with wich you can equip your troops so that the player can create his own light, medium, heavy troops.

 The capturing of islands: the battles can go from 5 min to 30 maybe even 60 min or more. To capture an island you have to capture it's command center, that sounds easy right?. Well sometimes it isn't. Maybe there is a shield blocking the way or it has the defenses to strong, in that situation the player needs to explore the island and find things that will help him in the battle like a generator that stops the power of the defense turrets or brings the shield down. After reaching the command center you have to hack it with a device that you give to one of your units, the hacking will turn all the island on your side.

 The graphics of the game are pretty great. I played on all the settings and even if you have max. ressolution with low settings the game still looks great. I can say it is a big improvment over the first game

  The controls are a little funny with a keyboard, i hope they will fix it with a patch cause for me that is a minus. The game has a story line but thats not what really matters in this game, it's weak but the rest of the game covers that gap.

 Overall the game is good and it makes an old rts fan like me happy. Good job Bohemia