Hi all. This is my debut post on game debate.

Today i'll be posting about the Logitech Gamepad F5310. This isn't really a recent gamepad. It was released some time ago. I got it 2 weeks ago at a sale at Challenger for about $30. Yes I'm Singaporean. Great to see you. Okay to the devices. This controller overall i would say.. is a really stiff device. Perhaps its the first time I'm using it as its thumbsticks are rather stiff. But the thumbstick grip was one of the things a like about the F310. It has a leather-like grip on the surface. Considering it's a budget gamepad, i find it pretty awesome. It boasts a floating D-pad. And that offers close-to-precise controls while playing Borderlands. But the D-pad doesn't really matter to me. Who uses the D-pad to aim? On the right side of the controller is the good-old X,Y,A,B controls nothing much to say about it. On the center Is your 3 buttons MODE,BACK,START plus a Button in the center that starts your Logitech Game Profiler. Yea, pretty straightforward controls. And perpendicular to them are the bumpers and triggers. Yea same.. At the back there are x-input and y-input switches, which pretty much just switches your input mode.

Final verdict, i would say its a pretty good overall controller for its price. It feels solid overall and rather precise control. But if your hands are smaller, this might not be a good fit for you as you might need to stretch your thumbs a little further out to reach the thumbstick. So i'll give it a 8/10 for performance and a 8.5/10 for value.

That's it, BlueSteelSS signing off.