Average Performance at a Reasonable Price

Written by Paulo Proenca on Sat, Oct 6, 2012 11:23 AM

GeForce GT 540M was the last GPU that served my needs until I woke up and decided to build a custom desktop. Here is what you need to know about it:

Released in 2011, GeForce GT 540M is based on the Fermi GF108 Core. It offers 96 Cuda Cores paired with standard DDR3 on a 128-bit interface. The core-clock runs at 672MHz and the memory clock at 900MHz. The Shader speed is of 1344MHz, as the Fermi architecture uses the hot-clocking technique - the Shaders are clocked twice as fast the central clock.

Anyway, GeForce GT 540M's biggest hindrance, noticeable at first glance, is the horrible memory bandwidth. However, it doesn't become a bottleneck since its processing power is not impressive either. In other words, when gaming the GPU's performance will not be bottlenecked by just the memory or the processing power but by a bit of both.

The Fermi GF108 offers great over-clocking-ability so you can easily bring the core-clock to 800MHz (done by NVIDIA on recently released and renamed GeForce GT 540M, called GeForce GT 630M).

When it comes to gaming, GeForce GT 540M was capable enough of running modern, moderate, demanding games such as Skyrim V, Deus Ex: 3 and Mafia 2 at high settings fluently. However, very demanding games like Metro 2033 had to be played at medium settings, sometimes low, while extremely demanding games like The Witcher II and Alan Wake, were unplayable, even at the lowest settings - I experienced less than 30 FPS overall.

In terms of temperatures, I only experienced very high temperatures when playing one game: BF3. However, the GPU's temperature will depend on the laptop's cooling system but as we all know, NVIDIA's Fermi architecture runs at hot temperatures, due to the Shaders being clocked twice as fast. It allows them to have a reduced Shaders count but by having them clocked twice the same speed AMD does, the temperatures are higher.

I give GeForce GT 540M a 7 out of 10 for its great overclocking potential and moderate price. However, as of today, there are better GPUs, at a similar price and so GeForce GT 540M is a ship that's sailed.






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18:19 May-10-2015

i have this gpu in my samsung rf711 laptop its actually a pretty solid gpu as pip said dont expect the world from it but it really did impress me