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How random?

Right away when you open up Bullet Run, you'll notice many advertisements surrounding your game. "Become a Platinum member and take your stardom to the next level!". Then after you login, "See it, want it buy it !". Now, I closed my eyes and looked for a tutorial on how to play the game... Well, it looks like I can't find now. Well, if there is no tutorials, I guess I've to proceed to my next step, which is clicking the join server button.

After, I've joined a server; I've selected my default starter level setup which includes a bare MP5, a starter-level pistol, with few grenades in order to kill people. After getting murdered by level 44, gettodachooppaa few times, he kept insulting me with his taunts, and the P90, going along with his really expensive face paints. So, the time has come for me to quit the match I was playing and setup my character. Of course, I've earned couple of credits, points to rank up after playing few matches with him.

Okay, now I'm on the shop where you can by so many customizable items, weapons, skills. Let me click on the weapons, whoa! permanent weapons costs station cash. And that's when the player has to reach his credit card and insert all the codes in to the form to purchase it.

Game features two different in-game currencies; Station Cash, and Credits. Credits will be awarded in game after each match players plays, but Station Cash has to be purchased with real money. As I mentioned before, to buy a permanent weapon, you'll need Station Cash = Real money. Station Cash comes in different bundles such as 500 Station Cash for 5 dollars, 1000 Station Cash for 10 dollars and so on until 10000 Station Cash for 100 dollars.

So, I scrolled down to the bottom of the weapon section, I've noticed you can purchase weapons for a limited time; 1 day, 3 days, or 5 days, which can be purchased with credits, which are awarded in game for playing matches. But who wants to purchase a weapon for only few days? I mean, then you'll have to play the game all 24 hours per day times days that you've purchased gun for, and again the player reaches their hands to the credit card.

Now, I've purchased a MP7 for only a day to try it out and murder level 44, gettodachooppaa, back! I can't take my eyes out of the customization tab, so I had to click it... That's when I noticed of all of these customizations such as the expensive face paints worn by gerrodachooppaa, looks amazing. I've proceeded to purchase a bandanna, not to cover up my bald head of the character to anyone, and some cool clothing to stay cool.

Bullet Run also features two different types of accounts as in many games; For instance, Battlefield 3 - Premium and non premium, Modern Warfare 3: Elite and non Elite. In Bullet Run, it's Free, and Platinum. Platinum owners gets extra credits at the end of the match and access to special taunts, and 'special' things like that.

Then I realized, there were only two different game play modes to play the game as; Team Death match and Domination. In Team Death match, you have to kill as many as players on the enemy team (For Example: level 44 gettodachooppaa) using your gun, pistol, knife, grenades and skills too and in Domination, you get to control points to earn points and also needs to keep it away from your enemy by killing your enemy.

Bullet Run sets in a TV show setting, where commentators comments over your game. Which gets me thinking, let me tell you all about the commentators.

There are two commentators on the game every time, they most likely repeat the same words in every game. For Example: they talk about technical issues, "he didn't seems to see that coming" such as that. Two commentators are similar in every game. But, it's still fun to listen to commentators while playing the game, which is not offered in any game that I've played so far, free to play games to be precise. By the way, players cannot commentate over the game, unfortunately.

As it's settled on a TV show setting, you might be wondering, what maps are available to play on. Well, as for the maps, there 7 maps, currently as for today. An island, A desert with cactus and underground sub ways, a warehouse full of crates, a movie lot, drained river near the city, Oil Rig.

Graphically speaking, it uses the Unreal Engine 3. Which was used in many other games such as, Blacklight Retribution, Ravaged, and Unreal Tournament 3. Looks pretty average, not bad at all. My current system (Core i3-M370 2.4GHz , HD i3 M370, 4 GB of RAM) was able to handle the game on absolutely low settings with some tweakings at a 30ish FPS on 1024 x 768 Resolution.

Which leaves me a 6/10 score for the game. One of my most concerns for the game is that this game is pay to win, more than a free to play, which gives a huge advantage to the person who throws money at the game than the person who downloaded and installed the game thinking he won't have to pay for the game, even if you pay for it pay a little bit of money, but not a lot. Yes, the in-game currency is a lot expensive than in many games. You can purchase a complete game for a price of 500 Station Cash, other than paying just to purchase an item. Which let's the free to play player thinks if he is playing a demo version of the game...

Fame at any cost!