The interest i found in Sleeping Dogs

Written by 4hdddd on Sun, Oct 7, 2012 5:32 PM
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How well optimised is Sleeping Dogs for PC? 8.3

Firstly, I want to thank to 'Squire Enix' for making this interesting game. The story of the game is very interesting and it was unique. The combat style, fighting, chasing, shooting, racing, freerunning, environment, graphics all are awesome. In a word i found the proper game's fun in this game. At the begining of the game i thought i was a criminal. Because Wei Shen the main charector of this game was doing drug buissness. After a while he found himself in a jail but the officer made him an underground cop. He turned into a cop and he had been doing dual work such as doing crime and helping police. It was awesome. Specially, when it rains the environment looks like real. For this i want to thank AMD. The main interest i found doing Wei Shen's girlfriend's favour. It was quite different from other RPG actions games. I liked to do wearing many dresses. My face level metre was 12. Actually i like the game so much. That's why i have written this review first time. Pardon me for my weak english.






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20:32 Oct-14-2012

I enjoyed it too :) I understood what you have written so it's cool. Enjoy! :)