Just Cause 2
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Just Cause 2 is the 2010 sequel to the Square Enix game Just Cause. In this game you play as an agent by the name of Rico on the island of Panau. Your purpose is to help the various rebel factions overthrow the tyrannical government but there may be more that your agency and the factions are not telling you. The game is an open world based action and adventure game with massive maps to explore. With over 300 towns, settlements, airports, and military outposts, there is always more to explore. Of the many hours of gameplay I put ino this game, only about 10% so far has been playing the actual missions. The rest of the time you can operate the more than 100 different vehicles and battle tyranny with the wide array of weapons at your disposal. Honestly the gameplay is limited only by your imagination.

Of course with all of the great things about it, there must also be some negative parts of the game. The storyline is not the greatest or most captivating, though given the fact that you pretty much play the game in the order you choose, it would be hard to make a flowing, award winning storyline. That's not to say it is terrible and it definitely has its moments, but overall I would bet that most people play this for its open world, as I do. One other thing to point out to the developers; there are way too many "protect the hostage"or ''escort"type missions. I have never run into anyone that actually likes these kinds of missions so the fact that games still include them completely baffles me. Nevertheless, the graphics are not terrible, considering when the game came out and the fact that I run it on integrated graphics and that the file for the game is massive.

There is no multiplayer for the game which would make it really interesting to blow stuff up or do other crazy things, though I have heard a rumor that somone was attempting to make it (check it out at justcause2mods.com). Speaking of mods, that is another aspect that makes this game incredibly fun: the ability to completely change the gameplay just by downloading the various mods people upload to the internet.

In comparison to other games, I would say check out this one before Grand Theft Auto for the open world. There is much more to do and find and I personally found it to be more fun. Now for storyline, I would suggest GTA, but if you can deal with a not-so-great plot, then Just Cause 2 is the way to go. And the best part was I got this game for less than five dollars on Steam.


I was going to supply screenshots but was having issues uploading them.