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Written by Paulo Proenca on Tue, Oct 9, 2012 11:06 PM

Welcome to my GeForce GT 230M review.

GeForce GT 230M is a middle-class GPU based on the 'GT216' Core, same used on the middle-class desktop GeForce GT 230 but the performance is lower than it, due to the lower clock frequencies.

I have this GPU on my old HP Pavilion DV6-2190 laptop, paired with an Intel Core-i7 720QM and I must say I am very impressed with it. I played most games of that epoch at high settings (something you can't do with today's middle-class GPUs). Crysis 1, a big hit at the time, ran at medium settings - quite impressive, one must say.

The funniest thing about GeForce GT 230M and that in fact has nothing do with it and everything to do with at the same time is the fact that when I bought, I was lured by the marketing gimmick used by every manufacturer out there: equipping GPUs with large frame buffers even if they don't benefit from it. I was switching from a desktop 8800 GT with 512MB to a GeForce GT 230M 1GB. I was extremely excited thinking it would perform much better. Boy, was I wrong. The frustrating of games running better at my desktop, despite the CPU being equivalent made me search for info about GeForce GT 230M. After that, I was searching for system requirements and reading intensively about GPU architectures and what really matters on a GPU. While searching for system requirements I found GD and now here I am.

Anyway, GeForce GT 230M was quite good for a mid-range laptop GPU at my time of purchase. It was so good that when I upgraded to a GeForce GT 540M, I barely noticed any difference. Apparently I had not researched enough, as I bought a better system but not that much better and not really worth the purchase.

In terms of temperatures, GeForce GT 230M does not heat excessively but it does not run cool either. In the end, it depends on the laptop's manufacturer. It offers great overclock-ability though not in terms of memory clock - I tried it and there were no performance gains.

If you happen to find a laptop (second-hand obviously) with a reduced price (less than 300€, price will also depend on other components) then don't hesitate to buy as GeForce GT 230M can surprise your expectations and run extremely demanding games like Metro 2033.

However, a lot of better middle-class GPUs have been better (unfortunately only by NVIDIA, AMD seems to be dead in the laptop department) so it might not be the best option. In any case, do remember that GeForce GT 230M does not support DirectX 11 by hardware directly.

I consider GeForce GT 230M to be good as it served me well and even taught me a lot of stuff and brought me to GD ;)






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05:24 Jun-29-2014

Bought my laptop with a GT 240M for $150/ Quite impressed so far.