Modern Warfare 3
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Before we begin the review, I must get two things out of the way. For one, I know this review is almost a year behind the times and also this is more of a first impressions review than an entire, in depth analysis. The reason I am writing this review now is I just recently had an opportunity to play this game on PC. I had played it for many hours on a friend's Xbox but I wanted to see what the experience was like on PC as I had been a huge fan of Modern Warfare 2.

To start, the graphics were stunning, as was to be expected from the Call of Duty franchise. In that area, it lived up to and surpassed all of my expectations. There were, as always, a wide array of weapons and customizations so you could fine tune the game to your heart's content. It had the same feeling as MW2 so its not like you were learning an entirely new system. If you had enjoyed and been good at MW2, you would do just fine. However, that's where I started to have issues with the game.

The biggest negative part of this game, in my opinion, is that it did not feel like I was playing a new game. It felt like I was playing Modern Warfare 2 with some slight alterations. That especially held true to the multiplayer where the only differences were literally a few weapons and maps. Honestly, it felt more like DLC for MW2 than material that warranted and entirely new game. All of the same gameplay modes are still around like Team Deathmatch but there a few new game modes that made multiplayer more interesting like One in the Chamber where you must accumulate more ammo by killing other players.

The storyline was ok in my opinion. It wasn't necessarily terrible, especially if you wanted to continue on with the story from MW2. There were some nice cinematics both in the gameplay and the cutscenes which added to the experience as well. The gameplay felt very ''linear'' though, meaning that the game sort of just pushed you along to the story and there was little variation you could take. Its hard to blame the developers or this game because that seems to be the general trend in games anymore, especially in first person shooters.

My reccomendation for this game would be, if you are seriously invested in the series and the story, then by all means go for it. Although I guess if you love it that much, you have already had the game since it came out. If you have played MW2 then you will have to make your own call. Personally, I am glad I did not purchase the game because I would have felt cheated for paying $60 for what is in my opinion DLC for MW2. If you have played Battlefield 3, avoid this game like the plague, you will be disappointed.


I apologize, for once again I do not have screenshots for this game. I cannot find the file I placed them in.