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Hi buddies,

I decided to write my very first review, so don't expect deep langauge/benchmarks:)

Game runs at UnrealEngine, older gamers may know this engine from games like Unreal Tournament or Thief: Deadly Shadows. Engine base is about 8 years old, that means you can't expect visuals like those in The Witcher 2 or Crysis...For my laptop, game suggested medium settings, fullHD and integrated gfx, of course I tweaked settings to maximum, no AA, fullHD...and game runs at average 85FPS and often gets above 110 !!

Those results are quite awesome for players with lower-end rigs, because they can fully enjoy this game without stuttering (I will soon test this game on i3-2130, its igpu and 8GB ram). On the other hand, players with rig similar to mine or even better can easily get very dissapointed when they put settings to maximum and the game still looks worse than for ex. The Witcher (1). I admit, weakest part of visuals is shading, of course due to the old engine that was not built for such features...

For gameplay, I'd say game tries to appear very stealthy, maybe far more than Hitman series. I don't want to spoil game features, so I'll just say that you have melee weapon in right hand and ranged weapon in left hand. You can improve your gear, steal&loot, also kill AI (automatic intelligence): as I already mentioned, game engine is quite old, so guards behave really primitively, so for ex. if you run into a corner, you can kill 6 guards without healing yourself! Well, it offers various styles of playing, because you can go on killing spree but also don't kill anyone.

As conclusion, I suggest the game for everyone who likes stealth games, it's really great seeing such game when all others make sim-based rpgs or shooters. If you have older rig, you can be almost sure you will be able to run it, but if you're looking for a new game that will make use of your high-end rig with 30" monitor, don't expect awesome graphics at all. I do will play this game till end, because I really loved Thief III 6 years ago, and this game appears to be closest, and maybe only one (from gameplay point).