Colin McRae Dirt
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What I like in a rally game is rather simple; Good graphics, lots of Stages, close to realistic physics for driving and crashes, good spectators, good sounds and codriver pacenotes, and overall fun. Okay, it may not be as simple as most would think, but most rally enthusiasts would like these attributes and probably a little more.

As for Colin McRae DiRT, it was going good with everything...except that it's not a rally game.

There are a few niggling problems that occured to the game. It was so bad (and annoying) that I uninstalled the game 2 weeks after buying it (I gave the game away to another friend of mine). It was such a disappointment to all the "SUPEREXCELLENT" reviews that I had seen on the net, as well as being "Game of the Year". Quite frankly, it does not feel like a rally game. It may look like one, but doesn't feel like it, especially the other racing modes that it has. Let's review...


1. Rally is point to point, not NASCAR: For as long as I can remember, Colin McRae rally had remained in tune with the sport of rallying. While DiRT has the standard rally aspects, it also had trucks and buggies races...which is not a part of rallying. Makes me wonder then, why name this under the name of a Rally driver? I know they wanted to open it to a wider audience, but...

2. Co Driver is "Iffy": The Co Driver is an integral part of every Rally driver, and while the Co Driver is here in DiRT, he is not consistent. On many occasions, you are driving alone even in an actual rally. This is not what happened in Colin McRae Rally 2005, as you have a co driver every time you drive, even in super-specials. Having a co driver that is with you for a few rallies is not what rallying is about. If it were the WRC, I would have been disqualified many times over.

3. No Sweden? No Snow?: This is the first of the Rally series that has absolutely no snow stages. That is a disappointment, because the graphics are sweet enough to have Sweden. Apart from the game being no longer based in rallying, this is (for me) a turnoff factor. I like to drift in the snow, as with many other rally enthusiasts.  

4. Annoying talker: As much as I like to be encouraged in racing, talking too much in a racing game can ruin the momentum. The talking guy is there to encourage, but I already know half, if not all of what the game is about. So telling me that "Rally is point to point" over and over again, can really through me off. And trying to say something before the race can actually break concentration...


Mind you that Colin McRae DiRT is indeed a good game, for those new to rallying or like differences in races. But for the Hardcore Rally Gamers, this is a bit of a disappointment. If you really want a sweet rally game, try out Richard Burns Rally or any of the previous Colin McRae Rally games.