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Halo, the FPS stumping ground for many. This game shall forever remain in my heart as a Classic! It was the first First Person Shooter I had ever played, and (since I was not an FPS fan) didn't like it at first. I was in secondary school then, and only played it off and on, and never really had the chance to fully divulge into it, as I had no one to teach me. When I entered University a few years later, the Portable Copy was in the Computer labs. It was there I was able to play and appreciate it's goodness and finally understand the world of Halo. Months later, I had purchased my own PC copy to complete the Campaign.

This game is a masterpiece, and even the newer versions cannot compare to the many hours of fun a group of friends can have with it. To this day, I still play Halo CE online against thousands that I may find, and there are many servers still running.

What I think makes this game so great, when there are newer games on the market? Let's discuss...

The story of Halo is unique. You play as a Super Soldier (Master Chief, Petty Officer/ John-117) with a huge array of millitary skillsets. You plough through hoards of alien enemies collectively called "The Covanent" and become feared across the Galaxy. But even greater was that you did it single handedly. The Humans and the Covanent was fighting over an object called "Halo", a ringworld created by Human like beings called the Forunners to control a parasite called "The Flood". This made playing the game very interesting, as fighting to save all humanity was a bit mainstream, so now you are fighting to save all the galaxy.

The gameplay was fresh and sweet. It was an understandable concept to have you only hold 2 weapons, instead of 53. I mean, how many weapons would one person hold anyway? (with the exception of Arnold Swartzenegger who was able to hold a handgun, a shotgun, submachine guns, knives, a machine gun, a M16 and a Rocket Launcher). Everything was in a particular proportion to other things and standard humans. Playing this game (at the time) made me feel as if I was in a war, but also understand I was on my sofa. The controls were easily mapped and close enough for easy reach, so I didn't have to across the keyboard to use melee. It took me just 45 minutes to understand all of the functions of the controls.

Multiplayer was the biggest asset of Halo, as many wars and even whole tournaments were played using this. You can play on either LAN or Online, and the online component was free, no need for a product key. The Customization Edition can even create your own maps and distribute to friends or the general internet. This led to hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and...ok, a LOT of fun. Even today, many people (me inclusive) still play online and LAN.

There were a few tidbits, but it was small. First, you can't see your legs. In later Halo games, this was fixed, but it mattered little. Then there was the problem of aimbot modding, but you can avoid this by avoiding the servers. The servers are open, as such, anyone can join at any particular time, which leaves room for people to give viruses.

Halo is still one of the greatest games made by Bungie. There are later incantations, and now that 343 Industries has taken over, we shall see what the future holds, and if 343 can hold up like Bungie.


Happy Hunting!