The Punisher
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"This isn't revenge. Revenge is an unacceptable motive that is based on emotions. Not revenge...PUNISHMENT!", Frank Castle - The Punisher (2004).

When you kill an ordinary man's family, standard behavior would dictate his actions. Most likely he would go to the Police, or foolishly try to get revenge (especially if he goes against the Mafia). When you kill an ex-US Marine or Navy Seals and fail to kill him as well, that's when you're in trouble!

The Punisher was one of those games where you can unleash your brutality on a number of criminals and thugs that was terrorising the city, especially the mafia who had his entire family (3 generations) killed. What made this game rather special is the fact of the mafia messing with the wrong guy! You would have hours of fun, and it doesn't just end in the city either, as it does on to a jungle and even jail.

The gameplay is sweet. It helps to know what buttons to push, though most games these days show you either way. Going through the city, you can save people from muggers, drug dealers and a who lot of menaces to society with all the brutality and gore of Mortal Kombat. For a game that was made in 2005, the graphics of the game was great. We have to remember, 2005 did not have as much graphics as games of today...

The story is good, as it follows the story based on the comic rather than the movie. This serves better, as the movie has to condense parts to make it presentable, while the comics can go on and on. Thus, playing the game may give some insight of the comics. He (the Punisher) would have a map of all the badguys and their hideouts, as it follows through the storyline.

Weapons and customisations are great as well, as you can purchase and upgrade weapons at your disposal as you go along. Not only that, you can pick up any weapons that are around as well, so you're never out of ammo.

The only bad bit is that it wasn't an open world game, which makes sense because he's going to particular places. At times the controls can be a bit iffy as well.


In all, this game is a masterpiece. For those who want vengence, you cannot play this game. This game is for those who want to dish out something else...punishment!