Borderlands 2
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For those of you who don't know what borderlands is, it is a new breed of shooter. It is unlike any other! You get to level up and chose abilites like never before. If you are unsure about buying it, try Borderlands 1 out first only 14.99 on xbox market place. Apart from leveling up you get a massive world to roam and loads of characters to meet. It has several references to the first game and also Rockos Modern LIfe and the Turtles. The thing is it shouldn't work but it does, well!

Gameplay - The gameplay is absolutly fun and addictive, the only problem is glitches. Two inparticular - Fink's Slaughter house and The last echo on getting to know Jack. Other than this it is great as you level up you get better weapons, obviously! You can also have weapons with damage effects like fire, slag, etc.

Characters - The main character is you, you have lots of people you meet like Claptrap, Scooter, Dr Zed, Roland, Firehawk. Even though the villans are supposed to be bad the things they say to you will make you proper laugh.

I Highly recommend his game, and think it should be game of the year!