A hidden blade to the throat.

     After lot of thinking about writing a review in my holidays, the first game that came to my mind was Assassin's Creed Revelations which i recently finished. As an AC fan i had lot of expectations for this game, but i was a little disappointed at first. But as i played the game i was pretty much satisfied. 

 In AC Revelations The Master Assassin Ezio walks in the footsteps of his legendary mentor Altair, on a journey of discovery and revelation. The story takes place in Constantinople, the heart of the Ottoman empire. In his journey of truth Ezio must face the Templars, who threaten to destabilize the region. Ezio must find the five Masyaf keys to open the door to the library of Altair. Ezio also makes some new friends who help him in his journey and to fight the Templars.

Gameplay: The gameplay has some new features. The game with start with The Infamous Desmond Miles who will be lost in the animus island. He should unravel the mysteries of Ezio and Altair. The missions are unique compared to other AC series. The areas are crowded with people which is a little advantageous and annoying. Like AC Brotherhood, some of the areas will be under Templar's Control, so you will have to kill the Templar den captain and light the tower to relieve the area of the Templar control. You can also recruit citizens to your assassin guild. The main thing that left me disheartened is there were no Horses. That means there will be no assassination from horse back, which i liked very much. You will also get to play as Altair memory whenever you collect a Masyaf key. Even after finishing the game you will can play Desomnd's journey which you will unlock when you find Some animus data fragments in game. 

Now to speak about the combat you will have some additional features like Bombs and Hook Blade. You can even craft bombs by the materials you get while you play the game. There are also different kinds of bombs which can be used. Bombs are much use to distract enemies as well as kill a group of enemies. Hook blade is also helpful while jumping from one building to another and also it helps you to climb the buildings faster. You can also use your hook to slide through the ropes and also perform kills from ropes. But the combat is very repetitive and the counter kills are the same from other AC games, only that the counter kills will be showed in slow motion. 

 The Graphics of the game is better than the prequels. The textures are really good. The thing i missed was the European Architecture from the Prequels which was bright and was not really that crowded by people. The environment of the game is also good especially in the markets.  

The Multiplayer is redefined and expanded with lots of new maps and characters, allowing you to test your assassin skills against others from around the world. 

The main reason i buy the AC games is because of the story of the game which has never let me down. The suspense filled story keeps you wondering what may happen next. But this game could have been better. Because it is the same as the prequels with only some of new features. Well if you are an AC fan then this game is surely worth buying. It may disappoint you as the prequels were really better. But no worries the story will make it up to you. So overall the game is very good except for some things. Well Happy Gaming and I hope you like my Review.

Tripwire bomb.