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Captain will enjoy seeing THAT next to him

You stand on the starboard side of the ship and place the spyglass to your eye. You spot a ship flying off in the distance and alert the captain to it being there. He swings the ship around, so the main gun on the front of the ship is lined up with the other ship. You get into the gun and open fire. Two shots right into the enemy ship before they even know that your ship is there.

Guns of Icarus Online is a new game that is currently in beta stages and seems to be trying its hardest to form its own niche in the video game market. The game feels and looks like a well made triple-A title, but it made by indie developer Muse games. The game itself uses the world made in the original Guns of Icarus, but makes it an online arena with a few elements from the original. However almost entirely brand new content is used in the game. Instead of flying your zeppelin by yourself, you now select a role and fly with a crew of three other people. Every person on the ship plays a critical role in keeping the ship aloft and blowing other ships out of the skies.

There are three “classes” of sorts that each get three items from their class load out. So, your gunner will get three items that improve his job of shooting down enemy ships, but he will also have one pilot item, and one engineer item. The engineer will get three engineer items, one gunner item, and one pilot item. The pilot will get three pilot item and one of the other two. The engineer’s job is to fix the ship and improve items on the ship, while making sure the ship is in tip top fighting shape. The pilot gets the wonderful job of flying your warship into battle itself. This has to be one of the most stressful jobs due to the fact the pilot must keep the enemy in the range of his strongest guns while avoiding being shot at. He also must make sure the crew knows what's going on, on the other side of the ship or where the enemy ship went when the gunner loses sight of him. However, his job is just as important as the gunner in that without a good gunner enemy ships won’t be shot down. With integrated voice chat the game makes being a cohesive crew that much easier and more fun.

Right now, the game only have two game modes, but these modes will keep you entertained due to the fact the situation is always changing based on who you are going against. One mode is the classic team deathmatch where the goal is to score a certain number of kills before the other team. The other mode is a king of the hill style game where you fly to one or more nodes and capture these nodes by staying near them for a certain time. Once your team has the node you race to reach a set score before the enemy team can take your nodes and begin their race. The first team to reach the score set for that map wins.
The game looks stunning even on lower graphic settings and runs very smoothly other than the occasional glitch that is expected in a beta. Flying a ship through a cloud bank to lose an enemy while firing your guns at them looks stunning, and is only trumped when you shoot down an enemy ship and the ship literally falls apart at the seams. The system requirements are low and look great even at lower levels. I, personally, play on lower settings just to limit my amount of lag that I receive once and awhile from my internet connection.

The game is a great indie title that seeks to make its own niche. It does this very well by encouraging teamwork while making each single person on a crew feel very important. Right now it is on sale on Steam for 14.99 USD and this sale will keep going until it is released on October 29th. By pre ordering you get instant access to the beta and can play right away. This title is well worth looking into and if you enjoy shooters that require a good deal of teamwork, a steampunk theme, a touch of luck, and makes you feel needed then this is almost a must have title.

System requirements:- Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.6 or later- 2 GHz processor- 2 GB RAM- Dedicated video card with 256 MB VRAM- 3 GB available HD space- Broadband Internet connection- Keyboard and mouse

An enemy ship falling to the ground after some well placed shots