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Despite my rig being below the minimum specs of the game, 
I nonetheless bought it on steam, and loaded it up. After tweaking the graphics so it could run on my PC with a good FPS, I jumped right into the campaign, and was so involved in it that I beat it in one sitting. The story was creative, with different twists and turns. But the most impressive feature was how in-control you felt the entire time. You could take down that guard however you wanted. Want to rush in and engage him? Go ahead. Want to silently sneak and assassinate him? No problem. Want to hit him with a sleep dart from afar? The game won't stop you. Want to freeze time and just walk right past him? Yep, you can do it. And unlike other stealth games, it feels balanced. So you are not completely underpowered and can only take a sword swing before dying, instead, you could hold your own easily against a number of opponents. Every choice you make affects how characters react to you, and affect the total outcome. After beating the game with an evil ending, I truly felt as if I HAD to go back and complete it with a non-lethal ending. Overall, Dishonored is a great, innovative game and is like a well needed breath of fresh air before the big names come out to play later in November. 9/10