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I have to say i am a little disapointed about this game. I didn't liked the other 2, but this one looked promising with new engine, better visuals and a lot of tracks.


Well first thing that was really disapointing was graphics, poor lighting, poor particle effects, dust, snow and mud ibehind the car looked like something from 2005, and the effect of the car getting dirty its ugly, have to say in this part dirt 1 and 2 really win by far, they easily transport the atmosphere of the track to the car in every water splash, dirt to sand cross and mud. The cars details were poor to, very blocky parts like the exhaust, lights and other things. Forget the skid marks in dirt mud and snow they dont exist, or if they exist i didn't saw any, only on road and of course another failure, and the smoke from it... Lets not say anything you got the point.


Now the physics, it has some good things , but another ones that could have been really better its not as real as a rally car behave in a dirt track, but its enjoyable, haven't tried with the logitech g27 but i will try later.


Another thing thats a bit anoying its the tracks in the championship, everyone that like rally will choose to race every stage of every rally hopping they are totaly diferent one from the others, WRONG, in every stage of the same rally you race a part of the stage before or race the stage before togheter in one but backwards, iN portugal    I raced the first 3 stages and then i already knew the corners of the other stages... That its very disapointing for a FIA WRC rally game.

To finish, the game has its fun for everyone who wants to play a rally title that its recent, but dont expect too much of it, has its fun for rally fans but for other people will be a little hmmmm... I have played 4 rallys and a bit og the road to glory mode but its already becoming a little repetitive without interest. Have a little more things to say but i think its enough for you to get what i think of the game, and what could have been better.

Hope you enjoy and leave your comment for everyone who wants to know more about this game.

Thanks, MaiMpt