Assassins Creed 3
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    Assassins Creed series in one of the most beloved series in the Gaming Industry.In come November,Ubisoft is all set to release Assassins Creed III for PC.Go to the AC III discussion page now and you can see how many GD'ers are eagerly waiting for it's release.AC III is being in development for almost 3 years.It is created on AnvilNext, a whole new game engine by Ubisoft which will have various environmental effects,improved AI and Character models,ability to render 2000 troops in-game and more.AC III is supposed to have DX11,several PC-only graphical effects along with TXAA: A recently developed Anti-Aliasing technique.

   AC III will be set during the American Revolution period: From 1753 to 1783.The playable regions in game will be New York,Boston and The Frontier.AC III will feature a new protagonist,a half-English, half-Native American named Connor Kenway,Also known as "Ratohnhaké:ton".Unlike Ezio and Altair,he will join The Assassin's Creed as an outsider,meaning joining the Assassins is not running in the family.During the course of the game,Connor will meet many real-life historical characters such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Lee,Paul Revere,William Prescott, King George III, Samuel Adams and more.Naval war-fares will be one of the key elements of the game.

   There are going to be many new activities in the game: You can hunt animals (Bears,for example) in The Frontier(a large wild,forest-ish part of North America) by your weapons and by placing traps,you can sell their remains for a good money;Interact with dogs on streets.Many side-quests will be available during the game as well.The devs have added tons of new gameplay elements in AC III: You'll be fighting Redcoats (The soldiers of the British Army) on slopes of hill which has been a difficult job.You can climb trees.Hunt from Trees.Stalk From Trees.Kill Soldiers from above trees and I could go on.There will be snow in game,obviosly because of the Winter season it will have.That doesn't mean it will have Summer.It'll have both,a summer-winter cycle and oh,by snow I don't just mean white textures lying on the ground,the snow will have effect.It'll slow down the people.

   Let's talk about Connor's arsenal: Tomahawk(a popular axe used by Native Americans),Dual Hidden blades and one of which can be detached from the Blade-slot and then be used as a Knife,Pistols,Rifels,Swords,Bow and Arrow,Ropedart(long rope with a sharp piece of metal attached to one end) and much more! The combat and counter systems have been completely revamped.The Eagle vision is different as well.Connor can dual-wield weapons.It seems the Tomahawk is going to be his primary weapon.

   The story of Connor I think kind of goes like this: During the American Colonists versus British Army's war,his village gets destroyed,people close to him die and then he seeks vengeance upon those responsible for it.So,he joins the Assassins's Creed and then gets involved in the Templars versus Assassins war,one which is being fought for thousands of years.Bear in mind that the Templars will be present on both sides of the war,in Colonists as well as in British army.In some of the trailers,A young teen Connor is shown,so it is possible that the player gets to play as young Connor for a certain period of time.

   The modern-day plot is related to the apocalyptic event that's supposed to take place on 21 December 2012,also called as "The end of the world" and our present-day hero Desmond has to stop it with the help of the "Pieces of The Eden",the ancient artifacts built by an (Of course) ancient civilization a.k.a "Those Who Came Before".As most of you may already know,this is Desmond Miles's(the Modern-Day protagonist of the AC games) last game i.e. if there is a next AC game and I hope there is,Desmod won't be in it.So a new Modern-Day assassin to sync up the memories of the ancestor assassins? Maybe.

   The story of AC III is looking very promising.The music will now be mainly composed by Lorne Balfe,who has given music to various movies.I have high hopes from the game and I'm sure AC III will stand up to them.The devs have recommended a Gamepad for the PC version for the best experience.Multiplayer will have a new "Wolfpack" co-op mode where players will be hunting their targets in a group.Would love to form a "GDW Wolfpack".I am already feeling I'm in North America climbing trees and killing templars.Sometimes I think I'm supposed to be an Assassin.That's a nice career option. 

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The new Assassin