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The Startup menu

My pc used to be in a pretty bad shape. I tried all kinds of system ''care'' and ''repair'' programs. They all worked, but they all lacked the punch i needed for my ''dust covered'' old asus laptop to get running smoothly again.

One day, i stumbled across a new (for me) and trustworthy looking pc ''care'' program. That program was Advanced System Care 5 Pro. I quickly fell in ''love'' with it (and never looked back since). It has an easy to understand startup menu.

The ''startup menu'' has couple things in it. A Quick care ''panel'', a Deep care ''panel'', A toolbox and a Turbo boost. The Quick care is a daily maintenance option, which cleans, fixes and optimizes pc for a daily use. The Deep care is a full maintenance option, which does a complete maintenance and tune-up for the pc. The next thing is the Toolbox which is an interesting option. Then there is the Turbo Boost (I will tell you about it later in the review). The startup menu will also show your pc's current state (Bad, Normal and Good etc.)

If you want to do more cleanup for your pc, you can use the Toolbox option. The Toolbox contains many ''tools'' (20 tools), for example : a Disk Cleaner, a Registry Defrag, a Registry Cleaner, an Iobit Uninstaller, a Smart Ram (excelent for people who dont have much ram!), Shortcut Fixer, Win Fix, etc.

The next thing is  the Turbo Boost. It will help you optimize and speed-up your computer, for better performance. It has two options. The first is the Work Mode. It Boosts your pc for better work experience, by terminating some unnecessary services and applications. The second one is the Game Mode. It Boosts your pc much deeply for gaming, by terminating more unnecessary system and non-windows services.

If your pc needs more performance and efficiency, i'd strongly suggest for you to try the Advanced System Care 5 Free or Pro.

Review made by: Alphasixz

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