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Now I've done a review on both WRC 2010 and WRC 2 and I gave them good reviews. So, naturally I expected WRC 3 to be an absolute improvement to the first two. I was correct...on one aspect.

The game, just as the other two, is a fine example of Rallying goodness, and the only modern Rally sim out there. Unfortunately, they did not improve too much in the department. Quite funny,because the first two were improvements of each other and the third is a bit of a let down. Just when I thought I can grab hold of RBR once again...sigh.

The graphics have not changed, so that's a good thing. Everything was just as crisp,but reminds me that it is just a game, and not in an actual car. In terms of gaming, I want to know that the cars look like the real ones, but I still know that I am playing a game and not try to jump off my chair when things go wrong...

AT LONG LAST, THE CODRIVER SOUNDS LIKE A CODRIVER! They did away with the original monotonic guy and replaced him with a real person. Although he sounds like an old teacher (especially when it came to the mistakes you make), he still has attitude to make you feel in the action. This (to me) was a huge improvement, as many a time I would turn off the codriver (WRC 2010, WRC 2) because he was really annoying. In this case, I would now now what corners are coming up and how dangerous it would be.

The Tracks are new and there is the Monte! Monte Carlo was the traditional starting point for the WRC for years, so seeing it here was outstanding. In fact, the countries included offered many or the original countries (in fact, this featured the WRC 2012 Season, so any country in the WRC 2012 Calendar would be found here). It is nice, because most Rally sims would not feature all of the Countries of a particular Season.

And then...the Disappointments:

  1. Just Like WRC 2010, it's back to reverse stages: Once again, you would only race in 39 stages (minus the Super Specials). You are once again repeating stages in reverse order. Also, it's the same number of stages as before (6 + Special Stage) makes it a bit shorter than we want it to be.
  2. The "Road to Glory" is not all that Glorious: While skills are necessary in the World of Rally, stuwards only count one thing: Who gets there first! Having points for drifting just to move up the ranks, is...well...not my idea of moving up. In the previous "Road to Rally", you move the ranks based on your performance in terms of finishes in the rally. Mind you, not having to worry about mechanics or management is welcoming, but replacing that with Gymkhana is just making things worse.
  3. Why are they trying to become the next DiRT?: WRC does not need to compete, because they are THE Rally simulator to have. However, now that they have included Gymkhana (subconsciously), they seem to be directly competing with the DiRT series. This had brought the game down a few notches.
  4. Weather is sunny...ALWAYS SUNNY!: I can't seem to understand why there is NEVER any rain in any of the games. Weather is supposed to be unpredictable, but for every rally there is sunny skies. And I mean EVERY rally! No rain, no Snow, no haze, no fog, no sleet...just sunny days. That is not what happens on rallies. I wonder if they just go home when it rains?
  5. Not much of the original WRC Champion Cars: While not very important, it was noted that some of the old cars returned, but most of the originals are still missing. The Peugeot 206cc (all time Favorite) and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4 - 8 are just 2 examples of what is missing. I haven't seen a Toyota Corolla WRC (1998) since Richard Burns Rally.

WRC 3 is a good game, but they have brought it down in terms of its quality, it is a bit lack-lustre. If they has spent a little more money and offered so more space (on DVD's), they can have everything you can ask for in a rally. 

You can still try it out, though it may not fancy you at first glance.