Super Crate Box
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Super Crate Box is another pixelated arcade game, but made on 21st century with a unusual and rare soundtrack. Yes, it seems like Super Crate Box is a very messy game, but it actually is a very addicting. It's even more addicting than Angry Birds, in my opinion.

Objective of Super Crate Box is to collect as much as boxes as you can, but you have to avoid enemy by attacking at them. Each box you collect contains a weapon, which swaps with the weapon that you're currently using. Now, the playground you're playing on is a flat plane, and a hole at the top going along with another one at the bottom.

At the beginning of the game, enemy will starts to fall of from the hole at the top and your job is to kill em and not to let them fell in to the whole at the bottom. If you let them fall in to the bottom hole, guess what is going to happen? They'll report you to 9-1-1 for letting them fall in to the bottom hole. Okay, I was lying, actually the enemy that fall in to the bottom hole will re-spawn and starts to head again to the bottom hole, but with a doubled travelling speed than before. Controls are simple, and easy to master. Up key to jump, X key to shoot, Left key to move backwards, and Right key to move forward.

Enemy comes in different sizes and colours. There are big green enemy, small green enemy, going along with white flying enemy. Big and small green enemy are the enemy that will travel at doubled speed, if they fell in to the bottom hole. Not to mention, their colour will become red, instead of green. While the white enemy are flying and never will fall in to the bottom hole.

The player you'll get to play as, uhm.. well, he/she doesn't have a name. But, you can unlock new character as you earn more and more crates. Not just that, as you earn more and more crates, you'll unlock new weapons, levels/maps. There are actually amounts of crates that is required to in order to earn a new character, level/maps, and weapons.

After playing the game for few hours, you'll notice the disc gun. Really lovely and powerful gun, BUT it also brings you to the end of the match/death, sometimes. If you're wondering, how is this powerful and lovely gun brings end to the match.. Well, it's the 'disc' gun. The disc that travels to the enemy will cut them off and will hit a wall and return back; just like a boomerang. After dealing with the disc gun, you'll notice the mini gun, with a big recoil.

My system which has an i3 going along with a Intel HD 3000 was able to handle this game on it's maximum values with a frame rate of 100, which I think is a fair amount from a game like this.

Yes, soundtrack is one of important things to talk/listen to in this game. It mixes well with the game, even though it's unusual. When you first play the game, you might think it's annoying at the begining, but when you get used to it after playing it for few hours; you'll get along with really quick.

Overall, I beleive this game deserves 10/10 rating. It's very addicting, haven't experienced any problems as long as I've played it. Never crashes, or neither black screens and such things that we experience in many games. One of the game's I've enjoyed from a while, and it's a something that you must try!

Its the MINIGUN!