Very Nice Classic Building-Type Game

Written by faixelorihinal on Sat, Oct 27, 2012 8:09 PM
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How well optimised is Age of Empires III: Complete Collection for PC? 7.6

Since Age of Empires I came out i have always loved the Age of Empires series. This has been no different with Age of Empires III. They Microsoft GameX studios (R.I.P) really stepped up their game with this release. The story evolving around the game is very nice and long enough that you don't feel like you have been cheated. The gameplay i find is very good and keeps true to the classical age of empires gameplay we are used to. The expansions are additional campaigns where you play as a different empires. The expansions just make the game even better and longer, and each expansion is at least as long as the original campaign. In case you feel like you haven't had enough age of empires, you have the multiplayer which is again pretty nice. In case you don't have internet you can play offline against the machine. At this current time the graphics might not be as good compared to what we have now but when the game was designed they were pretty good. You don't need a very powerful machine to run the game so it will run on most machines as long as they aren't tooo old. Such a shame that we won't be getting another installment for the Age of Empires series since they were awesome. Loved it and i would really recommend it to anyone that likes strategy-building type games.


  • Original Gameplay
  • Nice Expansions
  • Great Storyline


  • Medium Graphics
  • Cheats



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