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x-men origins wolverine is the game version of the film released in 2009.the game offers the player to control one of the prominent x men men members,wolverine.the game is fully  based  on the film except for some levels and fights.the game first enters into africa and then comes to the present,as we complete each level wolverine tries to remind his past.the future past combination is a one remarkable point.the game gives the player a very good gameplay and offers enjoyment till the finish.the player gets xp when defeating soldiers,terrorists and jungle mutants which can be used to purchase upgrades.graphics is good.the usage of physx enables the player to see the damage others make on wolverine and can see the regeneraton which is so good.there is also environmental attacks as wolverine can use the environment surrounding him like spikes,tree branches to attack enemies.the player also has the option of feral senses which enables the player to see invisible enemies and find pathes out of places.