Windows 8
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Hi guys we all knew that microsoft has released new windows 8.Its all new tablet interface is awesome.

It is produced for Personal computers,including home and business,desktops,laptops and tablets.

It is introducing a new ' metro' design language , it is featuring a new start screen with a grid of dynamically

updating titles to represent applications.The new windows store is also too good.Microsoft had also 

released windows 8 beta versions including Developer preview,Consumer preview,Release preview.


The final version of windows 8 has released on 26th oct. for general availability.

The new features  in windows 8 includes a faster startup boot through UEFI integration and new Hybrid Boot

mode.Windows explorer has been also renamed 'file explorer'. It now includes a new ribbon in place of the command bar.In windows 7 i needed teracopy but i think i didn't need it in windows 8 becuz in windows 8 realese preview i didn't need teracopy.I think windows 8 is gonna  be very good for xp was very good but its not pretty good becuz of visiual style but very fast than windows vista.Windows vista is pretty good in visual i think in visual windows vista is better than windows 7.Windows 7 was very good almost in everything but it was slow if compared to windows xp but Windows 8 is very fast and also very good in visual style.So windows 8 is gonna be perfect.Its requirement are mentioned below - 


CPU - 1ghz CPU or more RECOMMENED - any core i3 or core i5 or core i7.

GPU - directx 9.0 compatible or directx 11. Recommened - Nvidia geforce 550,560,570,450,650,660,670,680,680,690 etc.

RAM 1GB (32-bit) 2GB (64-bit) Recommened - 4GB  or more.

STORAGE - 16GB (32-bit) 20GB (64-bit).